Content is king, and there are plenty examples to prove that in every industry. One of the most powerful is… Pornhub. You may pretend not to know the site, but it’s doing everything to make you aware of the brand.

So, Pornhub. Just another sharing service for adult video offering (probably) the same experience as hundreds of other porn sites – and yet everyone knows about it. Why? Because of the strong brand built with the help of right (and simply cool) content which shows that there’s no such thing as bad fit for content marketing strategy. If porn site successfully uses it despite all the taboos, everyone else can do it too. Don’t forget to put some magic of creativity to your recipe! Here are some inspiring cases and tips from Pornhub team.


Flavored with humor

What such NSFW-ish thing as Pornhub can use in order to make their content interesting for the audience? Humor, because humor is sexy, especially for a porn site. Especially when it’s subtle and smart just as in Pornhub Christmas ad. The only way to get on mainstream media with porn-related ad is not to mention porn. Like, at all, but at the same time make brand’s message crystal clear – and fun. Watch this story about most touching gift for grandpa to get the idea.

Pornhub's Bizarre Content Marketing Strategy Pornhub's Bizarre Content Marketing Strategy

Hungry for something more hilarious? Not only Google’s launching funny subsites for April Fools Day – please welcome Cornhub, website for the most hardcore corn videos (cooking included).

Pornhub's Bizarre Content Marketing Strategy

Going beyond expectations mixes perfectly with humor, and very is nothing more “beyond” than space. Than sex in space – or so Pornhub marketing team thinks: “One way or another, there are many elements about life in space that need careful consideration and research…especially sex. As such, Pornhub is teaming up with top ranking adult studio Digital Playground in joining the ranks of Armstrong and Gagarin by pioneering a one of a kind mission to defy gravity, make history, and push the boundaries”. Our next stop is Sexploration, Pornhub’s Indiegogo campaign aimed to make world’s first sex tape in space. And although they haven’t reached the goal (which was, by the way $3.4 million) profit from this idea was almost as crazy as the mission itself – literally every single media house wrote about it.

Sexy data

Data is the new oil, and interesting, well-serve data is even better. Pornhub Insights, the core of their content strategy, shows it perfectly. Set as the way to entertain existing users and based on their viewing habits, it’s now a powerful marketing tool. These statistics are not only potentially interesting (and SFW), but also playing the role of useful information source even for most “serious” websites. The Daily Dot, MashableGizmodo – they all used Pornhub’s data to create the stories. Pornhub Insights also cover country-specific posts and infographics like one below. You can even find brief history of porn there.

Pornhub's Bizarre Content Marketing Strategy

“It works because it lets us reach wider audiences,” Pornhub says.

Concern for the audience

Pornhub’s Twitter account is well-known for its service-related jokes, but actually there’s more. You can see that company really cares for the followers – not only by reading the replies. Porhub takes action and goes viral. For example, it once sent a new laptop to the guy who crashed his own, because Pornhub freezed and mom almost caught him watching porn. Pornhub called him a loyal fan.

Last but not least, there are several non-porn initiatives. Recently, Pornhub planted more than 15k trees. Why? Get to know their hilarious environmental campaign dedicated to Arbor Day — Give America Wood, under which Pornhub planted one tree per each hundred views for videos featured in a special category. It not only appeared to be more than dounle-digit slogan, but also got pretty viral and earned 1,35 milion views.

Add to that truly creative task for viewers: design contest / creative director campaign which asked Pornhub fans to submit their versions of non-pornographic ads covering site’s idea and eventually ended with Pornhub’s advertisement in Times Square — yes, billboard was there for just two days, but it’s still quite an achievement for adult-content site.

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