Humans are egoists by the nature, and Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change knows it – and uses that to create funny advertising on the most important issue. 


Power of hyper-personalization

Climate change. Everyone’s aware of its existence (except Mr Trump, apparently) but not everyone seems to be concerned. That happens because we imagine climate change as something that too far away to matter to us personally. With new advertising campaign by Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change destiny of our only planet becomes personal as never before. What matters to you more than slice of your favourite pizza, anyway?

Dealing with the task of climate change personalization, the campaign manages to stay light and positive, while showing the viewers unexpected side of the environmental issue. It concentrates on warm and nice tings like snowy driveways and fishing stories. “For many years, people have seen the dire predictions of rising sea levels, melting snowcaps, superstorms, forest fires, drought, and famine. The enormity of the problem and the enormity of what we need to do as individuals can be overwhelming. And not very personal. Hyper-personalizing it makes it much more real,” creative director of Bensimon Byrne, the agency behind adorable videos, says.

Save The Pizza Campaign Save The Pizza Campaign


Favourite pizza > cold stats

So, while dry statistics don’t work on anyone, a threat to slice of pizza does – and pizza means agriculture and food supply that provide the ingredients. Everything’s connected, but feels like a personal concern only on the final level. In the same way, staying without a population of fish means living without fishing stories and global warming actually means “no more snowy driveways”. “Ninety-nine percent of climate change work relies on scaring people to make a difference. We just don’t believe that’s the way to create true change and emotionally connect with people. When people see themselves in work and see a positive way to make an impact, it becomes much more real. You’ll also notice that we used a wide range of people in these. Everyone from kids to seniors because as the campaign says, ‘climate change changes everything.’ No one will be immune to losing something they love if they don’t act.”

Save The Pizza Campaign Save The Pizza Campaign Save The Pizza Campaign

The facts behind

At the end of each spot there’s a call to action – narrator proposes to save the pizza, the man caves, and “everything we love about Ontario”. After that, the link to start taking action is providing. Official campaign’s changes meets you with “Climate change affects you and the world around you. This fight is personal” and gives explanation to every hyper-personized video. Quick info lets you know that the facts are following:

– Climate change impacts weather, and by By the 2050s, our average temperatures are projected to rise by about 2.5-3.7°C. (“snowy driveways”)

– Climate change impacts food and drink, weather damages Ontario’s crops and makes food more expensive. (“pizza”)

– Climate change impacts homes by leading tp extreme weather events like flooding. (“man caves”)

– Climate change impacts hobbies, as warming streams and lakes in Ontario could result in the loss of many coldwater fish. (“fish stories”)

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