Business is about passion. You may not be an expert, however a strong desire to make life better plays far more important role. Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBois are childhood friends. Whitney wanted a brilliant finance career on Wall Street, while Danielle intended to go to med school. They were not  professional chefs, managers or drivers, when they started their own food delivery service – Sakara. But their eyes shone and they were ready to move mountains to make their dreams come true. This is why Sakara from small kitchen moved to professional kitchens with real chefs, serving food for many customers all over America.

Kate Hudson,  Gwyneth, Lena Dunham and Lily Aldridge are Sakara`s beloved clients.  At the moment co-founders Whitney and Danielle lead a team of 80 employees in different states. They also produce inventive snacks: chocolate probiotics, seed butters, granola and beauty bars.

Get to know Sakara

Sakara positions itself as a plant-based organic meal delivery company. Sakara provides people not only with food: it also introduces a new approach to nutrition. The point is to build sustainable eating habits: some kind of “home base”, when a person knows what to eat to feel “like your best self”. Sakara is not a diet – it’s a lifestyle.

We wanted to really help people understand that food is medicine”, – Danielle told Girlboss in her interview. Sakara`s founders Whitney and Danielle develop their own “pillars of nutrition”. For example, one should “eat the rainbow”, which means to eat various products of different colors. According to the girls, it`s also important to “eat your water” – hydrating fruits and vegetables rather instead of drinking normal water. It turned out that those principles really work! Otherwise, why Sakara is known as the secret weapon of supermodels?


What it costs to start your own food business

Initially, Whitney and Danielle didn’t think of working in food industry. Living in big city, they had different dreams and plans. But all that hustle and bustle of city life caused some of health problems. Apart from gaining 7 kg, Whitney`s acne came back. When she looks back to that moment, she says she felt “overworked”, “exhausted”, “out of a balance”. The root cause hid not in the skin but in eating habits. When Whitney started eat well, the symptoms went away. So this is how she understood that the right food works better than antibiotics. At the same time, Danielle became a victim of diets and imposed body images. Extreme diets resulted in hospitalization and medical treatment. She didn`t find food enjoyable anymore.



This problems brought girls to the kitchen. Nutrition issues turned out to be more interesting than medical school. That is why Daniel continued her education at the stove. Inspired by the results of healthy eating habits, Whitney and Danielle decided to treat the others.

In 2011 in the bffs organised a dinner for 50 people, where they succeeded to raise $700 for the food, based on their principles. That was enough to launch the website of a meal delivery service. They cooked the meals right on their kitchen and delivered food themselves on their bikes. The delivery time started from 4 a.m., so their early business days reminded of a run. Today Sakara is a glamorous and polished product. It is delivered by employees in black stylish bags. A regular bag contains morning and night waters, detox tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Well, if you feel like something goes wrong in your life, than get inspired by Whitney`s and Danielle`s example and go to the kitchen. If cooking is not your thing – chase your dreams! And remember that right food is the best medicine!

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