Despite the existing crisis and downturn in economy the interest for digital marketing and the whole sunrise industry remains at the high level. On the 2nd of December Russia, following in foreign footsteps, holds a Russian Content Marketing conference, which is oriented towards valuable information, industry insights and practical experience. Moreover, this conference can potentially demonstrate the state of Russian digital affairs and obstacles which the industry faces.


Content marketing in Russia: fact or fiction?

Only 6% of B2B marketers consider themselves as effective content marketing specialists, according to the research of Content Marketing Institute. In Russia, nevertheless, the exposure of content marketing is even smaller. Despite this, with 87.5 million active internet users and 67 million social media users, the whole digital sphere is quite promising. According to Wearesocial’s summary, the volume of e-commerce in Russia constituted $36 billion in 2015, while in 2016 the estimated figures were up to $43 billion, which sets Russian internet market as a perspective area to adapt various global content strategies.

Firstly, the level of competition in the Russian Internet with regard to content is presumably 11 times less than in global World Wide Web. That is why, the whole system is more flexible and quick on draw and the impact of content is more significant, however the distribution and development processes, conversely, are not the easiest things. To illustrate the benefits, reaching the expected ROI in RuNet becomes possible after a year or a year and a half, while, in comparison, in the US the same indicator is being reached after approximately 3 years, due to a high level of competition.

What is more, the exposure of social networks increasingly rises. Thus, according to Statista, nearly 46% of Russian population have active social account, which considerably expands the opportunities of content marketers. And the most popular social network in Russia is Vkontakte, which penetration rate is 28%.


Statista. Russia Social Media


Emerging markets, in the aggregate with essential investments and capital flows, are generally attractive for the development. This hypothesis is supported by empirical observation; according to WM research, Russian Internet is included in top-10 most attractive markets for content marketing and the upcoming conference is a way to set things straight.


Key ideas from key opinion leaders

The conference is going to take place on 2th December in the congress and exhibition center Sokolniki. The interest group includes professionals in digital marketing and social media, representatives of media and advertising agencies as well as bloggers and individual entrepreneurs, who can be excited in content marketing, promotion and Russian digital media landscape.

Major speakers include Denis Savelyev, founder of internet-marketing agency Texterra, who is going to analyze content marketing strategies on the basis of several case studies. Maxim Ilyahov, the editor in chief of Tinkoff Journal, will cover the issues of original content and the attractiveness of articles. Joe Pulizzi, one of the leaders in content marketing industry, and founder of Content Marketing Institute, will deliver a lecture of how to make content marketing work based on research findings. Among other, but equally crucial topics, are photography (as a content marketing tool), social networks, search engine optimization, customer relationship etc.

Russian Content Marketing 2016 Conference

Russian Content Marketing 2016 Conference

Russian Content Marketing 2016 Conference


What is more, industry leaders will give various master classes, focused on content creation and production, marketing strategies, visual content and infographics. Particularly among other crucial topics, Artem Ovechkin will cover the relevant issue of neuromarketing, its instruments, practical application and effectiveness, which is going to finish in Burlesque night club, combining educational and entertaining aspects.



All in all, Russian digital landscape is being constantly evolving, that is why there are still empty and attractive niches to carve them out.  Thus, content marketing conference is a way to expand the existing knowledge, to raise the awareness in Russia and to get a deep insight into some perspective fields in the digital sphere from the industry leaders who are willing to share their experience, ideas and practical cases.

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