A 24-year-old software engineer from New Zealand Nathan Kot created an app which will prevent your porn from revenging. Or not.


Nude problem

Rumuki (Japanese for “room key”) wants to protect people from “revenge porn” by requiring explicit permission to film and view, intimate sexual experiences. The term revenge porn refers to non-consensual pornography. It means that a person use media content in inappropriate way. For instance, public shaming, making money or extorting victims for more material. Sometimes the videos or photos are filmed consensually, but they’re used by an ex post-breakup to destroy a person’s reputation.

According to the Center Innovative Public Health Research, one in 25 Americans has been a victim of threats or posts of nearly nude or nude images without their permission.

Statistics: How To Protect Porn?


“My generation grew up watching porn. A lot of us want to make these videos but don’t understand the security implications that go into that,” Kot said.

Revenging porn has become a real problem in today’s digital age, where almost everyone can set up a website or hack a phone. Victims are ranging from everyday people to celebrities. In August 2014, Jennifer Lawrence was about to go through one of the toughest moments of her entire career. Her nude photographs were leaked online. An unknown hacker gained entry into her iCloud account. He published personal pictures she had taken of herself and shared with lovers. She labelled the crime as a ‘sexual violation’ and claimed: “Anybody who looked at those pictures, you’re perpetuating a sexual offense. You should cower with shame”.

Jennifer Lawrence' Reaction To Her Hude Pictures



Rumuki in action

Nathan Kot tried to solve the problem by his new app Rumuki. With the help of encryption technology, it records videos on your phone, preventing them from getting into the wrong hands. The developer explained how the app works.

“Let’s say a couple wants to make a sex tape. They both download Rumuki and then sync up with each other’s accounts. Then, one of them uses the app to film a video with their partner. The video is encrypted and saved on each partner’s smartphone. That alone provides a better degree of security. But Rumuki goes a step further”.

Rumuki: Nude Home Video

Users can watch the video only with permission from their partner and it expires in a week. Without that permission, the video became unvailable. In case of breaking up, one partner can revoke playback permission. It prevents the tape from being viewed by the ex or unwanted guests. The video has a store location. It can’t be hacked from a third-party’s servers or stored there for later use.


Does this app really works?

Rumuki’s users should keep in mind that it isn’t a foolproof protection. According to Carrie Goldberg, who specializes in sexual harassment crimes, if somebody has an idea to hack your phone – they will . “An encrypted video-recording app is certainly interesting and shows awareness of the damages can cause, but this well-meaning app isn’t the answer,” she said.

Rumuki: Sex Tape


Ari Ezra Waldman, an associate professor of law at New York Law School, said the idea of making consent a part of the app is a good start. “By giving one person veto power over whether a video or image will be viewed, the app’s design not only directly affects how people operate on the platform, but also makes it known that nonconsensual behavior will simply not be tolerated,” said Waldman.

Nathan Kot is honest about the fact that no piece of software is completely secure: “You can’t prevent someone from (using) a (separate) video camera,” he said. “If you want to be 100% safe, you should just not take any videos at all.”

Rumuki: Kim Kardashian Cries


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