Anime character in menacing poses, called “Roskomnadzor-chan”, helps federal government agency to improve its public image among Internet users.

Before we get you into the details, let`s consider the situation which frequently happens to various organizations and brands. Imagine yourself representing an organization, which somehow restricts someone`s freedom. There is an enormous group of people, mostly millennials, with negative attitude towards your brand/organization. What would you do in order improve your organization’s public image and to increase of positive reaction to brand/organization?

You don`t have to be a psychic to predict that the situation written above will definitely happen to Roskomnadzor. Roskomnadzor is a federal government agency. It is responsible for overseeing all media sources. Furthermore, it observes the compliance with law protecting confidential data in Russian Federation. What can make internet users appeal to the agency, which bans their favorite sources, including Brazzers and PornHub? However, the agency succeeded to improve its image with the help of …. a girl!




Roskomnadzor deals with blocking and recording dangerous websites in database of sites, containing materials prohibited for distribution in Russia. “Prohibited for distribution” applies for child pornography, suicide instructions, and communities that foster ethnic and religious conflicts, terrorism.

Some recent actions of Roskomnadzor provoked a backlash in Russian Internet community. Federal agency added several porno-sites to abovementioned blacklist.  Therefore, users have lost an opportunity to enjoy PornHub, YouPorn, and Brazzers. Since then the Roskomnadzor image has got even worse.


How to save the situation

Dmitry Serebryakov, an artist from Russia, came up with the solution. He created unofficial mascot of Roskomnadzor and published it on Russian social network Vkontakte. In his art, Roskomnadzor is depicted as erotic anime character.


Anime girl is wearing dark blue mantle, light blue hair in double ponytail hairstyle. On her hair bands, one can see the Roskomnadzor logo. The character, both funny and sensual, sometimes appears as a superhero with a whip. The users call the character “Roskomnadzor-chan” or “RKN-chan” in short.

On February 1, the meme with “Roskomnadzor-chan” appeared in official group of the agency on Vkontakte. The meme tells us about strange decision of the court to block the video there we see snake falling out of the car window. According to the court, the video contained the description of how to kill oneself. This verdict confused “Roskomnadzor-chan”, who became unofficial symbol of the agency right after the publication.



New version of Roskomnadzor

The agency’s spokesperson Vadim Ampelonsky confirmed that this erotic anime character really belongs to Roskomnadzor. Moreover, Ampelonsky said, that the agency had consciously introduced their new cartoon mascot. 

Overall, Vkontakte users really liked “RKN-chan”. At first, they were suspicious and did not believe that Roskomnadzor depicted itself in such a sexy way. But after the things were clarified, users started creating comics and fan-art with new character. The creator of “RKN-chan”, Serebryakov, admitted that he created the character to improve the public image of Roskomnadzor and increase positive reaction among Internet users.


Flick the Thief, a group of the character`s creator, has already reached 8 500 subscribers on Vkontakte. The users depict “RKN-chan” in playful manner, sometimes with sexual context. In some of the pictures the Roskomnadzor`s mascot holds pink fluffy handcuffs, in others – dreams of sex toys. By the way, her underwear is also decorated with the Roskomnadzor logo.




The Internet community transforms, consequently people`s behavior on the Internet changes well. People seek for entertainment in social network communities. Apart from fun, they get intense information flows that form their attitudes and opinions. This is why it`s so important to take into account major Internet trends to deal with various situations. If people like anime, one should put aside the prejudices and use anime for the sake of one`s organization or business. Even if the organization represents the government, it`s not the reason for putting brilliant solutions aside.

Of course, erotic anime character won`t make internet users love the organization, that bans their favourite entertaining sites. But at least it`ll help to get less critical attitude towards its activities.

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