Since Donald Trump has announced his candidacy for presidency many artists have focused their creativity on him. Trump puts in danger the rights of women, immigrants and minorities and makes Americans scared of their future. Therefore many provocative artworks appeared recently to challenge him and rise awareness.

The latest work addressed to the president-elect is a painting made of blood collected from not indifferent. “RISE UP THY YOUNG BLOOD” is a collaborative work of American activists and artists.
Rise Up Thy Young Blood

Rise Up Thy Young Blood

Who are they?

Last year an American guerrilla collective INDECLINE organised simultaneous installation of five nude statues of Trump in different US cities. Each statue had an inscription “The Emperor Has No Balls” and caused extensive discussion in it’s city. The collective exists for already 15 years and documents it’s activity with high-quality videos. Another their recent project is  “Rape Trump”, a response to his willing to build a wall between the US and Mexico. While the INDECLINE members are making a huge graffiti on a fence, children are hitting and trampling a little Donald Trump Piñata.

On publishing a portrait depicting the president-elect having extremely small penis, Illma Gore, an artist from LA, started receiving anonymous threats and has even been physically attacked by Trump’s supporters. She comments on a stranger punching her in the face: “I held myself from shouting back: “Is that all you got?” I did not want them to circle back, so I kept quiet”. Of course Illma could predict the aggression but not produced in such a way: “I felt that if anyone would be threatened by a fictional small penis, it’s Trump. But I didn’t anticipate that his dislike would be so personal”. The artwork “Make America Great Again” was priced at  $1.44m by London’s Maddox Gallery.

Rise Up Thy Young Blood


Creating something unifying and involving everyone

Now the mentioned creators have united to present their idea of Trump’s potential policy. They are going to produce new projects during the whole first year of his presidency. “I plan on being a pain in his ass, honestly,” —Gore says with a smile. The president-elect should know that people have means to fight back. Having called to arms in December, Gore assembled supporters from the art world. Sunday, January 15th  Samuel Freeman Gallery revealed a Blood Mural, the first collaborative artwork of Illma and INDECLINE.

“RISE UP THY YOUNG BLOOD” relates to “The Birth of the Flag” by Henry Mosler, in which according to the legend Betsy Ross sews the first American flag. The artists show the modern view of current American society: “A Native American woman is a steady anchor holding the flag up for sewers to stitch together. A blue-collar worker wears a “Make America Great Again” ball cap as he sews. A black businessman holds a threaded needle in the air, while a policeman kneels across from him to support the cloth. The piece is flanked by a young Latina woman and a Muslim couple.”

Rise Up Thy Young Blood

Rise Up Thy Young Blood

The artwork is made entirely of blood. “We wanted the image to be something that was peaceful and unifying and involved everyone.” — says Illma. Gore and INDECLINE collected blood from “high profile donors from the world of art, music, graffiti and activism”. Everyone, who desired to participate in showing Trump the daring to oppose. Also they used their own blood.


But why blood if it would have been much more wholesome to donate it to hospitals?

Illma answers that a huge part of the blood collected was either HIV-positive or had other contraindications to donating. Blood is just like watercolour paint, except the smell and the way it clots. Also, she had sealed her work in acrylic so visitors were totally safe. Quelling the outcry, Gore mentions that the gallery donated the estimated cost of equal blood collection to the Red Cross, totaling $1,000 (a pint incurs a cost of $150).

The inspiration for this project came after having a conversation with the only two survivors of Los Frikis. In the 80’s a group of Cuban radicals injected themselves with HIV-positive blood. This was an act of rejection of everyday life in Cuba for a freer, shorter one in a sanatorium.

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