Have you ever been in situation when you have a question, but you are too shy to ask, because it’s too intimate? So, Reductress will lend you a hand and clarify all questions, starting from “Why I’m Using My Time Being Single to Dig a Really Deep Hole in My Backyard” and ending with “How to Laugh Like ‘Tee Hee Hee’ Instead of ‘HO HO HOOOO’”.


Fake news on the comedic platform

Founders Sarah Pappalardo and Beth Newell were struggling comedians in their late 20s. They knew each other and performed in the same comedy shows. “It got a little exhausting dragging a bunch of props to a theatre all the time,” Newell says. “We were both craving other creative outlets.” They both understood that they needed a platform for self-expression, which could contain both Feminist ideas and humor. Reductress has become this source. It was convinced as a parody of women’s magazines, but also a fake news journal.

Reductress: Sarah Pappalardo and Beth Newell

Pappalardo and Newell had an experience of creating these type materials. Working for the Onion, Newell had “just enough to know how hard it is” to make a successful website, she says. And we can see a result. By August 2016, the site reached 1.7 million monthly global visits, with a record monthly readership of 2.4 million hits in November 2014 (more than the population of Houston)!

Houston On The Map
Media that speaks with women

Today’s Reductress is not only Sarah Pappalardo and Beth Newell. It’s the whole team of professionals, involving famous comedian Nicole Silverberg and Saturday Night Live writer Anna Drezen.

Reductress: Comedian Nicole Silverberg

Reductress: Saturday Night Live Writer Anna Drezen
Their aim now is to reach people who are far from feminism. “We didn’t start the site with the idea of like, ‘this is a feminist website,'” Newell recalls. “We were just doing a parody of women’s media because there were some things that bothered us about the way women’s media spoke to women.”

Reductress tries to affect all problems that have a modern woman. “I think it’s just refreshing for women to have content that really speaks to them directly,” Pappalardo says about their approach. “There are certain things that anyone who has gone through a so-called female experience finds funny and that people who haven’t experienced just won’t find funny.”


‘I Love Pizza, Which Is Adorable Because I’m Hot’

The platform consists of 8 sections: News, Living, Style, Love & Sex, Thoughts, Woman Inspiration and From The Print Edition. Every single article starts with provocative headline. Take their recent article sarcastically referring to the La La Land producers as brave for conceding to Moonlight, which calls ‘Brave! These ‘La La Land’ Producers Graciously Allowed ‘Moonlight’ to Accept the Oscar It Won’. Or check out the other from Woman Inspiration by the name of ‘How To Declutter Your Life, Assuming You Can Afford To Buy New Possessions At Any Time’. And finally headlines from Love & Sex that really deserve an Oscar!


To be continued…

Despite of the understandable humor, some readers misinterpret Reductress and take it for a news agency. “People find fault with it if they think it’s real, and that’s the kind of Twitter flack we get,” Newell explains. “There are just the average Joes that think it’s real, and then there’s the occasional legit well-intentioned feminist that thinks it’s real and is kind of upset.”

As long as women think about themselves like a servant or housemaid, Reductress will continue to upset men. “It’s a funny time right now,” Pappalardo says. “We thought we would be coyly commenting on a female president and all the things that would go along with that, but now we’re going back to issues we would have been fighting 15 years ago, politically and otherwise.”

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