In a lot of cultural fields, China seems to be quite distant from the other world. Thus, it attempts to produce appropriate alternatives. One of them is REDO Media, China’s most important live-steaming star factory. How do they build their business in those circumstances?


Inside REDO Media

REDO Media Parlours

At first, what can we see during those bizarre live streams? Just imagine watching a man in a pink suit, making quirky moves accompanied by strange sounds and squeaks. Moreover, he keeps on saying “Thank you” each time a little sign in the corner of the screen appears. These signs represent donations submitted by the viewers to support the show. Hence, this “freak show” called something like “I Am Your Hawaii Girl” is quite easy to monetize through the live-streaming app called Lai Feng. Each second, a rose, a banana or a flower appears to show that next one yuan gift (15 cents) is in.

REDO Media Parlours. Hawaii Girl

The propagation of the Lai Fang app and its consequent unprecedented popularity among the Chinese resulted in the whole industry boom. As a matter of fact, REDO Media have around 3000 internet celebrities in their roster. Most interestingly, their self-broadcasting is generally the only way they make a living. Money flowing in from donations is enough.

Inside REDO Media’s headquarters, there are rooms and rooms of different people, sitting in front of their iPhones and battling for the public’s attention. Everything from weird dresses to some mind-blowing props is involved in that new infrastructure. Apart from Lai Feng, Chinese live-streaming websites like Douyu made this market explosion possible due to game-streaming. With Chinese government blocking every single idea from the West and attempting to clean up the net, the inner market flourished without any international competition.

The Stars Of The Internet

REDO Media Parlours REDO Media Parlours. Stars

In 2013, REDO Media heads have understood that this sphere just sprinkles viral content. Obviously, they have decided to attract the most prominent start of the Chinese net to expand the market. For instance, there are famous broadcasters like Memo and Di Tai. They are the main stars in the company. Furthermore, they made this showbiz frenzy their every day job, both earning around few thousand yuan per day. Just to put in you in the picture: in one week, Memo has earned 410,00 yuan which is like 60,000$. Quite impressive, isn’t it? All that is settled by the contract, where it’s clearly written who and in which proportions gets the income. Normally, full-time broadcasters get 20% of the total revenue.

REDO Backstage

It is obvious that, in order to be successful in the area, you need to be talented and open-minded. thus, REDO Media provides their workers with singing and dancing classes to strengthen their abilities. Moreover, they conduct special lectures on how to interact with the viewers. In the industry, you have to be prudent. One time, a girl got jailed, because she had broadcasted her foursome. This is beyond the boundaries of appropriate. The same year it happened, even erotic banana eating had to disappear from the screens. Otherwise, the law would take its toll.


What’s More To It Than Streaming?


Yes, a lot of broadcasters who work for REDO want to move further and become real TV stars. Nevertheless, the business itself brings enough money. Probably, this is one of the secrets why this industry has all the possibilities for future development. Moreover, people are proud to be a part of it. According to Memo, her mother is really proud of her and even tends to participate in some of her shows. Consequently, the whole idea of live-streaming shows seems very attractive to the Chinese people, be they broadcasters or just ordinary viewers. And this is very interesting to witness how it’s gonna burgeon through time.

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