In today’s world, many women are concerned about their unplanned pregnancies, reproductive health and sufficient self-education. Luckily, they have a place that offers them all that, and even more – Planned Parenthood. Famous for its advocacy in provision of needed healthcare and wellbeing, the organization has been long engaging in educational and electorial activities to fight for their commitment to protect women’s health.

Planned Parenthood – for many Americans these two words are synonyms for reliability, affordability, and safety. Indeed, the organization is the U.S. leading provider of high quality, affordable health care and nation’s largest provider of sex education. Being found more than 100 years ago, Planned Parenthood has significantly changed the American healthcare sector, not only with its great disposal of quality reproductive health care services, but also with their “No ceilings, no limits” policy, by which they mean – every woman deserves to have access to information and care she needs to live a strong, healthy life and fulfill her dreams.


Health Services For Everyone

Planned Parenthood. Don't take away my birth control

One day, in July 1912, Sadie Sachs, already a mother of three, was trying to give herself an abortion – she and her family could not afford another child. Her husband came from work later that day to see Sadie lying unconscious on her bed. He called a doctor, named Margaret Sanger. That time, Sadie was brought back to life, but next time her husband called Sanger again, the woman did not manage to survive. It was then when Margaret Sanger decided: she has to do something to help mothers cure the unplanned pregnancies.

In 1916, Sanger together with her sister and another nurse started the first birth control clinic in the U.S., which was renamed to Planned Parenthood twenty years after. Planned Parenthood has been suffering from political accusations and assaults from 1978 until now, however the organization has stood up to every attack, and with 10 million activists, donors, and other supporters, defends the reproductive rights throughout U.S. up to now.

Planned Parenthood. Protect women's health

However supportive and helpful Planned Parenthood might be towards people and their health, the organization has seen quite many issues about being defunded by politicians in the recent years. First federal legislation to “defund” Planned Parenthood was introduced by vice president of America, Mike Pence, in 2007, and the year 2015 was inaugurated with the release of deceptive videos that made false statements about Planned Parenthood health centers.  Although the videos were completely disproved, state legislators, presidential candidates and anti-abortion members of Congress used those videos to push forward further assaults about Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood. Keep abortion safe and legal

As Time reports in a response to recent talks about defunding, this step might only worsen the situation with birth control – according to their article, defunding Planned Parenthood will lead to a great increase in unplanned pregnancies and births, as well as to $21 million of direct spending on Medicaid for mentioned issues. Planned Parenthood has long being fighting for people’s freedom of reproductive self-determination and their ability to access needed health care – for these matters, the company has participated in many protests, has spoken up about its mission and beliefs, and did not stay away from establishing several initiatives, which are aimed at promoting the access to reproductive health care to everyone, regardless of their income, religion, gender, race or immigration status.


Cancer Awareness Week

Planned Parenthood. Hillary Clinton

Among one of Planned Parenthood’s initiatives is the Cancer Awareness Week, which was created to encourage communities to join forces in their strive to realize the health equity for people of color, at the same time fighting back to attacks, which try to block health care. Cancer Awareness Week shows its recognition of the need to improve health services in many developing communities, and raises awareness of the importance of expanding health care access to those communities. Along with the event, Planned Parenthood health centers provide numerous cancer screenings, prevention services and breast exams. Every month of the year, this initiative promotes its efforts to embellish the access to needed health care in the communities like African-American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian and many others.

“Planned Parenthood believes that communities of color deserve access to quality, affordable, life saving health care,” said Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood Federation of America President. “The right to access quality care should not depend on who you are or where you come from — it’s a fundamental human right every person should be able to exercise. We take our role as a health care provider and advocate seriously, and will continue to work with communities to protect access to care as well as break down barriers.”


STD Videos

Planned Parenthood. STD

Conversations about STDs can be uncomfortable and sometimes even intimidating – how do you confess to your loved one about that? Preventing the spread of STD lies at the heart of Planned Parenthood health services, so the company has created a series of videos to help young people have healthy conversations about STDs.  The videos, created together with national campaign “Get Yourself Tested”, focus on modeling different ways to talk about STDs with your partner, as well as getting tested. The series of videos also cover such topics as talking about safer sex, being tested for STD and revealing the disease. The three videos in the series are: “How to talk about safer sex models”, “How to talk about STD testing”, and “How to tell someone you have an STD” .

“Open, honest communication about STDs is a critical skill that people need to learn in order to be safe and healthy,” said Dr. Leslie Kantor, Vice President of Education for Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “Unfortunately, many young people don’t get the sex education they need and frank conversations about STDs are rare in the media.  That’s why Planned Parenthood is excited to debut this video series, which fills a critical gap and should help normalize conversations about safer sex, STD status, and getting tested.”  


7 Inches

Planned Parenthood. 7 InchesLawmakers and politicians work hard on trying to shut down Planned Parenthood, which can lead to thousands of people losing access to essential health services, and especially services for reproductive health and cancer awareness tests. 7 Inches is the very project that responds this threat – a curated series of 7-inch vinyl records and digital downloads from creative minds who support Planned Parenthood will be released in the coming weeks of April. Bjork, Foo Fighters, John Legend, Zach Galifianakis and many others participated in the initiative, which hopes to inspire both contributors and listeners to seek out ways to support Planned Parenthood.

“We’re incredibly grateful to have the support of so many artists and entertainers, many of them who have themselves relied on us for health care,” said Cecile Richards. “Planned Parenthood has been around for 100 years, and one in five women in America have turned to us for care.  Planned Parenthood has stood defiantly in the face of opposition for a century, and we’re not backing down now. ”

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