In recent years, the brand’s name of the hand-finished and contemporary jewellery – Pandora – often associated with charm bracelets. However, this fall, the company began to think of changing this situation. The Danish jewelry chain launched campaign called #TheLookOfYou , which must show that Pandora is not only widely known gold, silver and crystal charms, but also many other essential elements of jewelry. Charlotte Watson, vp of marketing in the U.S., where Pandora has the greatest popularity, said they did their best to «express the idea of Pandora having variety and other product categories». For this the company turned to the field of media production and digital technology.

First, Pandora released in early September a three-minute video based on the studio in London. The shooting was attended by three experts in style: American fashion and celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger, American fashion director and creative consultant Caroline Issa, and British fashion and celebrity stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray. They picked up a new look for a young English woman, Ella, based on her character and lifestyle. The final elements of the girl’s image were, of course, Pandora jewelry.


Pandora. Brand Video


The video was posted on the main site of the jewelry company and on the YouTube. The main focus of video, according to the creators, is not on jewelry. It is actually not an ad itself – it is a story. Charlotte Watson said: «It is a critical part of our communication plan. We haven’t built up credibility in that style space and working with influencers is a way to develop credibility». Now video has already more than 520 000 views.

To achieve recognition of millennials Pandora decided sponsoring Coachella, this year; has signed partnership with R&B singer Andra Day and InStyle. The success of the taken decisions can be estimated by amount likes on Instagram. According to Unmetric, Pandora’s #TheLookOfYou posts have received more than 610,000 likes on Instagram and 10,000 likes on Facebook.

A healthy demand on jewelry products affected by several factors. For Pandora it is millennial fan base, affordable price points, special offers, and promotions. To keep the interest of its audience Pandora offers a wide range of jewelry: from earrings to rings. As you can see, it helps. Pandora’s revenue in the U.S last year was $797 million and rings, not charm bracelets, made up 12% of its total global revenue. Pandora is putting a bigger focus on earrings this year, according to its 2015 financial report. Until October 16, the company presents customers earrings. All of this highlights actively in social networks.

Pandora. Brand Video


Susan Cantor, CEO of the brand-strategy and design agency Red Peak, assured that no one tries to discard the charm and bracelet identity. But #TheLookOfYou campaign is primarily focused on the expansion of sales of rings, earrings and pendants. Cantor believe it is a smart move as it is appealing to millennials who desire individuality.

And now we will tell you about the latest step, which Pandora has taken to draw the attention of their consumers to a wide range of jewelry. It opened a new store in the World Trade Centre’s Westfield mall. You might think that there is nothing interesting in another Pandora’s boutique. But you’re wrong. In this time the brand is using it as a test space for in-store tech and creating more of an “experience” for shoppers. The venue of location was the glass pyramid in a corner of the store.


Pandora. Brand Video


Here you will see some 3D holograms of brand’s individual charms. All staff are equipped with mobile points of sale systems, in place of registers, which can track inventory in the U.S, among other things. And one of the most attractive feature is a heritage wall, showcases more than 300 charms designed between 2000 and 2016. «For millennials it’s more about a showroom feel where they can touch, feel and try,» – said Susan Cantor, – «it’s about a dynamic in-store experience with technology. Then it’s likely they’ll make a purchase at a later date».

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