Have your ever thought how media depicts young women? So, they are fans of Kardashians and try to look like them, talk a lot about boy crushes, always want a new piece of clothes and buy one more lipstick that they don’t need (but their favorite blogger said it’s amazing!). Is it the real image of a millennial girl? Not at all! The project ‘Our World, My Voice’ dispels this myth and gives young women an opportunity to use their voice and to be heard.


Female voice

The project was created is to improve high school age girls’ skills in the sphere of media production. For a global citizen it’s difficult to imagine life without social networks and smartphones. However, in some counties even don’t have an access to the Internet. Just 31% of people in the developing world uses the Global network, compared to 77% in the developed countries.

‘Our World, My Voice’ has decided to change the situation, sharing and reporting news media in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). Because of some factors, such as poor media infrastructure and lack of professionals in the sphere, it’s not possible for young people, who lives there, to learn Information and communication technology (ICT), journalism or media production. However, it’s important for developing countries, as well as for the world generally to understand how society copes with problems it faces.


Goals and Mission

Additionally, the project’s another goal is promoting gender equity in digital and online media.  Making technologies available, creators help girls to understand production design concepts and to make sure that their voice is heard.

Besides learning the technical side of media production, girls also find out how to produce relevant content. In MENA region female-driven content producer is more an exception than a rule. So, ‘Our World, My Voice’ fills this gender media gap. Another problem that the project covers is lack of trust toward media persons by young women due to poor news coverage by mainstream or state media outlets. Girls are taught the basics of journalism, so they can differ truthful news resources from fake ones.


As young women learn some basic knowledge, technology doesn’t look like scary monster anymore. Even such a complicated processes as video production and editing, become a piece of cake.


How it works

The program of ‘Our World, Your Voice’ involves three-week intensive sessions, also known as Global Girl Media Academy. During the course additional 60 girls will be selected to be trained by the existing 12 active Global Girl journalists. Additional participants will be choisen from various schools, youth clubs, organizations and stakeholders in both rural and urban regions of Morocco. Global Girl Academy Session will give students an opportunity to develop story ideas, write and edit blogs, do research on their chosen topics, work together in teams, and learn digital camera, sound and editing.

“Our media-training project serves to impart the new media skills necessary to increase the vocational capabilities of young women and to stimulate the interest of young girls in media technologies,” – founders of ‘Our World, My Voice” say. “The medium-term impact of this component is to promote collaboration between female media professionals to contribute the feminine voice to political and ideological discourse in civil society.”



At the end of the program, not only girls will acquire media skills, they will learn to use those skills to effectively communicate their perspectives and their stories and integrate these stories into the community. “We believe that through the program, we will be able to advance a culture of respect for the women and their right to participate and create the images and informational media that represents them with an overall emphasis on the rights and protection of women.”


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