Olympics in Rio is not a great possibility only for sportsmen to show off all the talents but also for brands by creating the most memorable content. Let’s see who’s doing the best.


What We Want to Know about Olympics TV Ads?

Olympic Games are in a full play right now and countless themed ads are now packing our TV channels and social streams. It is a great opportunity for brands to get noticed in our feed as much as possible.

We already can say which commercials were more effective above all. Thanks to the Google Analytics blog we now can answer some urgent questions like:

  1. Which ads were noticed by the audience?
  2. Which ads drove interest, shifted perception, and increased intent?
  3. And, which ads drove actual consumer response?

So first, to get the answers, Google rated the top 10 brands, which commercials were aired during the live stream opening ceremony, based on total ad minutes. The analysis of audience’s noticing and response was based on consumer’s surveys and second screen response data. The results of Google research are presented in a live Google Data Studio dashboard.

Olympics 2016 Commercials


Coca-Cola Is The Most Remembered Brand

Commercials during such a big sportive events like Olympics are indented to cause viewers’ emotions and make us passionate about event and also to correlate with a sport theme. And so from this live Google Data we see that Coca-Cola was the most remembered brand by the audience. That’s not even surprising – Coca-Cola Olympics campaign “ThatsGold” built on the previous one “Taste the Feeling” started in July is really touching and inspiring. Rodolfo Echeverria, global vp, creative and connections at Coca-Cola describes their Olympics campaign as “There are so many gold moments that happen off the podium. It’s about day-to-day, simple pleasures that are all about joy and uplift, whatever is a special moment that you’ll share with friends and family, and celebrating our relationships with the Olympians, too. We’re trying to position Coca-Cola as a simple pleasure that makes moments more special”.

Olympics 2016 Commercials


How Did These Commercials Affect Audience’s Interest and Response?

From the section “Interest” of the Google research we see that in general, respondents who saw the ads were 18% more positive about the brand in question than those who didn’t see it. That’s definitely says that commercials set up during the Olympics do not irritate audience but more likely to give some positive emotions. Clickz also points out that the impact of ads on respondents’ feelings and purchase intent was exactly the same, whether or not the brands were official Olympics sponsors.

Saying about viewers’ response we see that ads during the Olympics only encouraged people use the brand. The greatest response was achieved by McDonald’s, their production was searched 42% more than on the average time. Next brands are BMW and Samsung.

Also, specifically, we would like to speaking about McDonald’s advertising campaign. For example, some media consider it to be one of the worst Olympics advertising campaigns. Well, maybe because of this fact it was googled much more during the Olympics. Journalists admit that the video commercial  is very well made, especially the daughter-father moments, but then the the voice-over says, “now with 100 percent white meat chicken and no artificial colors, flavors and, now, no artificial preservatives.” So, that made someone think that all other old nuggets were not so good and healthy. Does it mean that we can get a refund for any of the bad old McNuggets we used to eat? Corporate confessions are a tricky thing, and this one makes past sins a little too obvious.

In sum, commercials before and during Olympic Games have mostly positive consequences for the brand, like bigger response and increasing interest. Touching and sincere ads got the biggest response in audience hearts and made viewers laugh and even cry. Business Insider even says that there are Olympics commercials that are truly worth sharing because first of all they share emotions with us. They also created a list of the best commercials of this Olympics, you can find ads by Nike, P&G, Gillette and Channel 4.

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