Ohad Naharin is a globally-acclaimed choreographer from Israel, who is perceived as one of the most influential ones in history. After eight years of meticulous work, Tomer Heymann finally releases Mr.Gaga, a documentary film about Naharin. What’s the story of the man who reimagined modern dance?


Ohad Naharin’s Story

Mr.Gaga: Story Of Ohad Naharin, Israel's Most Important Choreographer

As a matter of fact, Ohad Naharin’s choreography speaks for itself. It is passionate and vigorous whilst showcasing the body’s furthest capabilities. Thus, his works represent everything true art stands for. However, as we relish from the pieces of art, we don’t always praise the work of the master. Certainly, Ohad Naharin is the one not to be ignored.

Previously, Naharin received a back injury, which made him learn to dance in the new circumstances. Thus, he created an unique dancing technique called Gaga, that would allow him to move regardless of pain. According to the master himself, this technique is not an invention. On the contrary, it a complex of various movements, that make sense when combined.

Mr.Gaga: Story Of Ohad Naharin, Israel's Most Important Choreographer

Ohad Naharin grew up in a kibbutz and then went to the Israeli army. Furthermore, he enrolled at Batsheva Dance Company, which gave him his primary dance training. Then, the great Martha Graham chose him as one of the most talented students and invited him to work together in New York. Throughout this period, he danced with Graham and Maurice Béjard and studied at the School of American Ballet and Juillard. All of the sudden, he decided to drift away from all this luxurious world of great dancers and set off for the new venture. It would be his own dance troupe of international dancers, where he would be responsible for everything.

Naharin’s style is centered around the idea of mingling absolute frenzy with deep mindfulness. Obviously, you can’t put dancing in some kind of frame. However, one should always remember the roots of what he or she is doing. That works in any sphere, not only in dance. Eventually, that’s what makes Gaga understandable for the general public.


Mr.Gaga And How The Film Came About

Mr.Gaga: Story Of Ohad Naharin, Israel's Most Important Choreographer

Primarily, Gaga is all about freedom and passion. There, every movement bears a certain sense of internal liberation. Sudden collapses and unexpected collisions between the performers and the darkness around them take the spectator to the world of otherworldly emotions.

The director of the documentary film about Naharin, Tomer Heymann, met the master in Tel Aviv and he immediately fell in love with his vision of dance. Hence, he made the decision to capture the life of Ohad Naharin on film. Firstly, he unveils the beauty of his art. Secondly, he draws attention to the man behind the work and to his personal struggles he had to undergo since his Kibbutz childhood. This is a battle between an individual and the community, between technical precision and soul freedom. As for Heymann, Naharin’s attitude is a great source inspiration for the young people.

Mr.Gaga: Story Of Ohad Naharin, Israel's Most Important Choreographer

Mr.Gaga is a perfect artistic statement, which proves that knowing the artist’s life brings much deeper understanding of his art. Therefore, the viewer is able to witness every detail of the master’s personal battles in every little movement he puts into his choreographically sophisticated chez d’oeuvres. Nevertheless, some might say that watching the film about dance, which is very vivid kind of art, is senseless. Frankly speaking, this particular story is unique and the whole representation is done on the very advanced level.

Mr.Gaga: Story Of Ohad Naharin, Israel's Most Important Choreographer

Ohad Naharin can easily be called the treasure of Israel. His dancing technique is something absolutely new in the world of dance. By putting his whole soul into Gaga, he makes it live its own life. And that is what the world needs now.

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