You have probably seen NowThis’ videos scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed. If so, congrats. You are one among those 1.2 billion users who know and enjoy the resource. Let’s see how it has managed to gather such an impressive bunch of people.


Wait a minute, what is NowThis?

As you can imagine it is a brand dedicated to the content creation. Interestingly enough, around 74% of its readers are millennials. They are also the main contributors of the platform. In order to come around the block inbuilt into the platform (it didn’t allow the users to post too much), NowThis has moved its forces of native content creation to Facebook. It was quite a logical step anyway, as the main audience of Facebook is… surprise-surprise… Millennials! Thus, they uncapped the amount of engagement and potentially raised the level of brand recognizing just being true to those who already love NowThis. They have also shut down the main website subsequently in order to concentrate on content creation for social media only.

NowThis. News


Anyway, the Facebook content has become slightly different, but native to its best. It is modified in length and style, but almost the same. As usual, the main topics are the appealing to 18-34 aged audience ones. So, it is not rare to encounter something on gun control or marijuana there. Although the news is still dominating in engagement (812 million views on average), they are followed by elections, entertainment, tech stuff and so on. Tech content, by the way, was so popular, that NowThis has decided to create a separate space for it called NowThis Future.

That’s funny taking into account that previously the website enjoyed only 600 million views from all its content. Now with just 38 staff members, who equally contribute to the content creation, the brand raised the viewership to the totally huge 1.2 billion. And it’s not even a limit. Let’s have a look what has changed with the brand turning to Facebook as a base platform.


What has Facebook changed in NowThis’ life?

As it has already been mentioned, the platform has moved some of its content to Facebook and hugely benefited from it. The NowThis editors produce original news and carefully evaluate all the feedback to enhance the service. One can see how serious the website takes the famous social network. One of the most viewed videos has been the one sponsored by Kleenex that has gathered 9.3 million views. Although Facebook then made content creators to explicitly state the fact of sponsorship, the idea of NowThis being in charge for one of the coolest network’s ad videos is pretty awesome.


NowThis. Facebook


One can also imagine that the content went live. It seems to be a great tradition of many great brands now, so NowThis couldn’t miss it. The brand also uses this feature for two-way connection with an audience receiving the comments on recent activities. All in all, they produce 60 videos a day including live ones with an average getting 750 000 views. Although it is still unknown how much money from $27 million of revenues they receive from this Facebook integration, NowThis states that the network is its #1 buddy followed closely by Snapchat. That’s funny that’s just in December they had only $16.2 million of profit.

All in all, the idea of getting closer to people and transferring the content to Facebook seems to be logical since the majority of the audience is already there. We still don’t know the exact profit from this step, but considering the relaxed way the brand talks about integration, everything is going to be just fine. We’ll see what future holds. For now on, the views are incredibly impressive.

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