A few years ago the campaign #NoMore has been set up. Today it has countless number of followers and the community is growing everyday. This movement spreads the information on domestic violence and provides some ways to help its victims. Let’s find out the story of this campaign and its latest news.

What Is It All About?

The campaign was set up in march 2013 aiming to attract public attention to the problem of domestic violence and sexual assault. Originally, it as organized by the professional advocacy groups, service providers, the US Department of Justice, and major corporations. Now it is supported by hundreds of people, organizations, universities and communities  not only in the US.

The main project’s goal is to educate people around and give them all the information and facts about violence and abuse. On the campaign’s web-site users can find the information about what is domestic violence, how often does it happen in their country and the whole of other useful information. What is more important, the project explains how to attract attention to the problem – there are three ways: say it, share it and show it. And of course, there is an opportunity for domestic violence’s victims to ask help.

It is unknown how much awareness the project has raised, but it did attracted some serious resources, brands and celebrities to get this campaign visible. Virginia Witt, director of #NoMore says: ‘’We don’t have an exact total of how much money and support has been generated for the field because of #NoMore. But as more celebrities, brands and advocates get behind it, and the profile of #NoMore continues to go up, we are confident that it will continue to be seen as asset to them’

#NoMore Campaign. Movement Against Domestic Violence

#NoMore Campaign. Movement Against Domestic Violence



The Project Goes All Over Mass Media

The campaign was supported on Twitter and Instagram by thousands of people. Organizers have engaged many influencers to join the commercials which have become viral on the Internet. The outtakes from these videos have become even more popular because of real emotional breakdowns.

Speaking about the latest campaign’s success, we can’t mention the fact that more and more communities start to support this movement – there are lot of web-sites of different universities and towns that join the action and spread the information among their members. From the latest, Lincolnshire County Council has set up this campaign to raise awareness of sexual violence in the county. Posters and brochures have been distributed all over the county. Local women felt for this action and joined by taking photos with #NoMore logo.

The action is getting into more and more communities and organizations. A few days ago it was reported that #NoMore reached Parliament House in Australia. Mr King, campaign supporter said: “The unacceptable has become acceptable; this is unacceptable, the levels of domestic violence in this country”.

What are the latest Initiatives?

A simple word-code “Ask for Angela” campaign started in Lincolnshire this month and went viral and global. Posters with instructions for people feeling unsafe started to appear in the bars. Isobel O’Brien tweeted this poster and said how cool it is to see it in the bars.

#NoMore Campaign. Movement Against Domestic Violence

It is important to mention that the posters-campaign was initially started by Lincolnshire County Council and then got popularity in the US. The creator of this posters Hayley Child who works as the sexual violence and abuse strategy co-ordinator for Lincolnshire was pleased to know that Angela-campaign got so much approval and said: “Angela was a play on the word (guardian) Angel. The posters are up in male and female toilets, and provide reassurance there is support available if needed.”

And again many people on social media expressed their positive feeling and thoughts on this campaign on social media – tweeting about how it is great for people to know that they can get some help and support when they uncomfortable and insecure in a bar.


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