Nissan launched great marketing campaign through which they are establishing strong ties with the customers and reinforcing the reputation of the brand. User-Generated content is one of their main digital marketing tool for reaching success and acing their business.


Nothing succeeds like success or why user-generated content can be a smash hit

Even we can witness some lame examples of user-generated content in the history of digital marketing, there are still some brilliant user-generated campaigns that are on the up and up.

According to the research conducted by Mashable, user-generated content is much more influential than other types of media. User-generated content is 35% more memorable and 50% more trusted.

Moreover, statistics on the DMN states that 86% of millennials believe that existence of user-generated content is a great indicator of brand’s good quality and reliability. 84% say that user-generated content does have some impact on their decision of buying the product. Also, Kickmetrics’ studies indicate that the World’s Top 20 largest brands implement marketing campaigns that include user-generated content.

From clothing to cars, user-generated content can significantly move the number of the product’s admirers up and up. Why don’t we talk specifically how Nissan managed to launch great campaigns and create a community of loyal and credible fans?


How does Nissan have the world by its tail?

Nissan User Generated Content


The truth is simple: Nissan knows how to manage great work across multiple social platforms and knows how to reach people’s minds. Scott Cottick, Senior Manager Social Media Marketing, says that they are doing their best to represent the brand’s authenticity and publish relevant and exciting content that can really drive engagement among their fans. The authenticity of the brands is expressed in having real conversation with people and in demonstration of the brand’s personality.

In one of the latest interviews regarding Nissan’s success on social media, Katie Hollenkamp, Global Business Integration Director for Nissan United at TBWA/Worldwide, and Evan Weissbrot, TBWA’s Chief Engagement Officer, share the secrets of how Nissan is riding so high.

First of all, they are talking about the model Nissan has created and which is called NURVE. The NURVE stands for Nissan United’s Real-Time Vision for Engagement. The model is based on the data from Nissan’s customers, platforms, and other sources, and is used to identify a “pain” or “passion” point for people. Getting insights on what people really think about the brand, Nissan develops strategies to increase the engagement rates.


What’s up with the engagement strategies on social platforms?

Nissan User Generated Content


Based on the results from the model, Nissan very tediously activated user-generated community with the help of the influencers.

Evan Weissbrot says that the content generated by the influencers and posted on social media platform helped to gain more than 100MM fans. Quite a good hit, right?

The Instagram community has risen to up to 700,000 followers in 1 year, which is really incredible because a year before that the number of followers was only 45,000. The key to that outstanding success is the influencers who have been creating content for Nissan. Those are the celebrities, NFL players, pro BMX riders, and other stars who share passion for the brand and really admire its products.

Besides user-generated content on Instagram, Nissan hits the nail right on the head on other social media platforms. It is one of the top brands on Facebook where 443 posts got more than 3 million likes and around 280,000 shares in April.

In addition to videos, links, and other content, Nissan also shares photos taken by fans of their products (or influencers, if we want to be more precise) on Facebook.

And, of course, Nissan social media employees do a great job maintaining several global channels for the regions where they are selling the product.

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