If you are reaching for one more last (I promise!) cookie or binge eating those mom’s famous macaroni and cheese, look at the Nike’s new ads. The campaign will not only make you feel tiny bit guilty, but probably finally motivate you to use gym membership you’ve bought four months ago.


What’s the beef, Nike?

Just in time for the Olympics Nike has created new ads. Being an official sponsor, the company awes couch potatoes with the motivational wave that makes them contemplate their non-sporty existence. Interestingly enough, the research shows, that 80% of all the Nike stuff is not used for the purposes they were created. Thus, it is the impressive proof that Nike’s marketing is strictly on point and people do actually buy the gear just to be in trend. When simple “Just Do It” probably makes you do nothing sporty but gorge fries, “Unlimited” (that’s the name of their new campaign) brings the whole new level of sexiness to being fit.

Nike Olympic Ads

The main idea of the campaign is to make you the centre of attention. Nike focuses on what you can do if you stop thinking about the boundaries. As Greg Hoffman, Nike’s chief marketing officer, puts it: “athletes’ biggest obstacle is often their own perception of what’s possible». Major sport names like Serena Williams, Allyson Felix, Mo Farah, Ashton Eaton and so on show you in the ad that only you can define your limits.

Thus, they put an audience, each of them individually, under the spotlight. Now everyone can question themselves in order to find out if they have strength to resist lazyness. This technique is perfect as it speaks directly to your soul, making a person to be conscious about sport elimination reasons. Although the companies’ profits from this campaign are yet to be defined, previous experience has demonstrated that Nike always knows what it does.


Why Nike rules the market?

Clearly this campaign shows that Nike’s $8 million a day spent on “demand creation” are going to pay-off. Its marvellous ads have already proven themselves to be extremely effective bringing the company 60% of all running gear sales in the US along with 90% in basketball sneakers and 20% of skate shoes sales. All these sales make Nike #1 company in States with market cap of $86,2 billion opposite its major competitor Adidas with only $17,1 billion.

Nike Olympic Ads

Anyway, Nike is already the boss. And now it wants to make you the boss of your own sport life and limits too. Remembering Nike’s previous enterprises, one can see that creativity flame runs in this company. We have already written on how advertising can fail, but it certainly is not the case with the company we’re talking about now.

For example, have a look at the arty installation that took place in Milan this year. A bunch of insanely talented designers showed that Nike is able produce something else apart from gear, like a chair that adjusts to the body temperature. Another Instagram campaign challenged established body image, featuring plus size models. The ads have caused a wave of appraisal setting Nike amongst one of the few companies that bring diversity into sports business.

Nike. @NikeWoman

Nike. @NikeWoman

Finally, Nike has participated in NikeID + Pokemon Go project. The Tumblr, dedicated to it, includes pics of Nike sneakers reminding of Pokemons. And of course you can go and buy them.

All in all, Nike has already made its name as one of the coolest sport brands. It may be because of its outstanding clothes quality, but we all know it’s not a thing most of the times. With such spends on advertising, one just have no choice but select Nike. Does anything else exist though?

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