Netflix is turning to YouTubers and plans to put $5 billion from its budget on teen-centric content in 2016, part of which will be spent on up-coming stars who got their fame via YouTube.

Several days ago Netflix announced that it’s going to collaborate with Cameron Dallas, famous pranker from Vine, who started his career in 2013 posting videos with jokes and pranks on his family and friends. Currently Cameron has more than 8 million followers on Vine which makes his account 11th most followed on the platform.


Who are they, new TV and video creators

For Dallas it’s not the first time when he gets invitations from broadcasting companies. In 2014 Brian Robbins, Awesomeness TV CEO, expressed the idea to make a movie with Dallas, which was named Expelled and released the same year on December. Afterwards, in 2015 Cameron starred in NBC’s episodes of American Odyssey and the Outfield. Plus to his popularity he won in three nominations on Teen Choice Award both in 2014 and 2015.

The new project of Netflix and Cameron Dallas is still untitled. For now the only thing is known that It will consist of yet unscripted series of Dallas privet life with his family and friends. Therewithal, Netflix is already experienced in collaboration with online video star. This January Netflix started to work with a YouTube star Colleen Ballinger, who created Miranda Sings – comically talentless and egoistic internet character in response to vast variety of bad-singing people videos on YouTube. Scripted series “Haters Back Off” tell the original story of Miranda so much beloved by millennials.

This close approach with Dallas and Ballinger is nothing but clever strategy aimed to attract more young audience. In fact that is what everyone nowadays doing – showing green light to teen aimed content and family-friendly services. According to Netflix researches, almost 40% of families watch movies and videos 7 days a week. This video mania for ad and media companies transformed YouTubers and Vine stars in influential creators and the same way kid’s engagements today are seen as important flow of income.


Family-friendly and millennials aimed content

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Taking into account that interest among advertising companies and media platforms grows there is no wonder that such events as VidCon attracts more and more people. Only this year 21,000 people came to see and participate in “Comic-Con” counterpart for video bloggers and fans. In this terms Netflix started to invest in such projects as “Fuller House” and “Gilmore Girls: Seasons.” The companies original programs coming alongside such brand as Kia and Snickers were also shown on VidCon’s screen with Tina Fey’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”.

According to Brian Wright,director of original series for family and young-adult programming at Netflix, the company is really interested in young audience and family space on television.

“Much of premium television today is rated TV-MA. And there’s been limited scripted broadcast television over the past 15 years designed for a broader audience,”- says Wright, – If you get it right, you don’t limit yourself to one demo — you can get a broad cross-section of kids, teens and adults”.


Future plans and Money for it

“Smosh: The Movie” by Defy Media

This dramatic movement to YouTubers is explained by talented creators and a huge mass of ready to pay, young and content-desiring audience. And Netflix is not the on;y one who understands the situation. The same way Hulu collaborates with Freddie Wong, up-coming YouTube star how makes two shows for the company. And Amazon striving to get more online video stars with their content on its platform.

Commissioning original series with YouTubers and Vine stars is a new step for Netflix. but it has already worked with videos and some movies promoted by YouTube celebrities. And it was streaming “Smosh: The Movie” by Defy Media right after it appeared on iTube.

“They were out there looking for projects for the teen audience. We actively shopped it to a lot of people, and they were the highest bidder,”- mentioned Keith Richman from Defy Media.

There is also one more Awesomeness TV production available on Netflix – a fictional character “Richie Rich”. And “Video Game High School” by Studio71 and 12 seasons of Rooster Teeth’s “Red vs Blue.”

Currently Netflix and Studio71 are discussing future project and even though nothing is settled yet, Netflix is just grouping the way to work with YouTube space. And according to Dan Weinstein from Studio71, Netflix has everything including the budget to let itself make such experiment.

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