Naomi Klein, Canadian social and political activist, well-known for her criticism of capitalism, recently published a new book “No is Not Enough. Her previous works on anti-corporate globalization and neoliberalism have already been awarded a title of best-sellers and gained several prizes. “No is Not Enough” carries Klein’s critical message and gives an overview of the current political situation in the US.



Naomi Klein published her first book “No Logo” in 1999. Dedicated to the problem of the anti-corporate globalization movement, this manifesto soon became an international bestseller with its versions in 28 languages. Author criticized existing brand-oriented consumer behaviour and accused several big corporations in exploiting workers from world poorest regions.

In 2004 Klein and her husband Avi Lewis made a documentary “The Take” about Argentinian workers who took over control of a closed Forja factory, where they used to work before. Thereby they built up a worker cooperative and embodied an anarcho-syndicalism model in real life.

Her third book was published in 2007 and was  a solid reason for the New Yorker to judge Klein “the most visible and influential figure on the American left—what Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky were thirty years ago.” “The Shock Doctrine” contains author’s research on theory and practice of neoliberal economics. She also focuses on the statement that different crisis situations were used in several countries as the basis for sustaining antidemocratic corporate economics. Later in 2009, Michael Winterbottom shoot a film version of the book.

Within 7 years she wrote a fourth book “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate”. The main idea is that the hegemony of neoliberal market fundamentalism hinders serious reforms to protect the environment. The book was a much influential writing and consequently was highly appreciated.

Along to being a columnist and author of several world-wide bestsellers, Naomi Klein was also involved in educational activism as a lecturer on anti-globalization movement in London School of Economics. She also criticised American military intervention in Iraq and supported Hugo Chavez policy. Klein meant he made a zone of relative economic calm and predictability in Venezuela. In 2009 during Gaza War Klein promoted Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel.


Introduction to engaging Trumpology

Her recent book “No is Not Enough” was published eight months after the 2016 US election. However, Klein says that it contains thoughts and ideas she was collecting for a long time. Basing on her previous research Klein offered her vision of the current situation. In her opinion, Trump cannot be called as the reason of all the troubles, but only an actor of the world establishment generated by modern neoliberal capitalism. By inhumane labour exploitation, he licences his name to corporations and thereby profits considerably. She also gives an overview of the US social and political circumstances which determined the results of the presidential run. Though, Klein does not pull up at this and goes further. The main aim of the book, together with the criticism of spoliatory capitalism, is to observe connections between historical processes, which have been, accompanied American economic and administrative system, and to explain reasons of their successful prosperity.

In early times of North American lands, the dimension of production relations has been formed, as the author says, with a strong influence of legal slave labour. During more than two centuries of the USA history various forms of inequality and discrimination have existed, this is still a usual and, besides, a significant feature of American society. Despite the improvement of public institutions based on respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms, labour exploitation and alienation, which are common to the market economy of all types, is being saved. Complicated measures of Obama’s cabinet aimed to shorten the gap between the richest and the poorest by redistribution of wealth which had to prolongate by Democrats, were scaled down, thanks to Trump. Some part of the electorate could not believe what happened; they voted not for an odious clown, but against a weak woman! So it is not a strange thing that their expectations did not manage.

Klein links the election result with global processes and the process of TNC expansion in particular. The newly minted president is a bright symbol of imperialism with the hugest ambitions. His image of “master of disaster” makes, however, a good impression on a “Middle American” wishing a “real man” who “can deal with problems”. The author notes that Trump’s cabinet includes quite a lot of people practically provided “the shocking therapy” in different issues and countries (Russia, Chile and Iraq are among them). It can also determine the character of the future Trump’s policy as expansive and aggressive, thoroughgoing and directed outwardly. The code of renovated “Pax Americana” promises to be more uncompromising, no place for losers. According to this conditions most of the people, whose image is far from “Middle American”, stay aside from Trump’s charitableness: they, as long as they suck the welfare, cannot bring any benefit to American both economic and political prosperity. But what are the alternatives to neoliberal Leviathan, if they exist?


So why no is not enough?

The idea of “No Logo” was in the upbringing of responsibility for own choice, nevertheless in cultural preferences or in a supermarket. The tragedy is concealed in that we choose not per ratio, but led by sophisticated and effective technologies. In her nimble and nipping book, Naomi Klein proved that Donald Trump is a one whole well-made artful brand. Politics is not only boring parliament sessions or lobbying or manifestations, it is our everyday necessary activity, the workout of our social being. Therefore, to save our critical mind and ability to make decisions in general, too little to only contradict some scaring ideologemes. The real problem is to do something with the situation with aggressive money power and struggle actively against it.

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