London producer Nadir Nahdi, 26, has launched a project called Beni in desire to connect millennial talents from all around the world. Thus he aspires to prove that there should be no template to follow and no prejudice to adjust to. People are unique regardless of religion, nationality or race. So what is the lifeblood of his new project?


“The A-Z Of Beni”

The A To Z Of Beni: Nadir Nahdi's Project

The A To Z Of Beni: Nadir Nahdi's Project

The A To Z Of Beni: Nadir Nahdi's Project

From Berlin to Kuala Lumpur there are talented millennials. Athletes, artists, bloggers and just people are captured by Nadir Nahdi in his inspiring video, called “The A to Z of Beni”. Nadir says that for him it is the reflection of the world where he grew up. United multi-religious and multicultural society grounded the main idea for the project.

To gain money for the production, Nadir spent 2 years in Berlin producing and selling geometric laptop stickers. According to him, now is the perfect time to show what does millennial Muslim community represent. In addition to that, it bears the idea of integrity and respect for the people despite their background.

In the beginning of the video, Nadir is standing by the wall spangled with newspapers. Headlines are all aimed at labelling racial communities. Hence, people are getting sick of it now. Then, this scene is followed by different people in different locations, who are all special and whose unique traits are described by the words in alphabetical order.

By the way, some of the people showed are also quite popular on social media. For instance, Nilam Farooq, German actress and vlogger, Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, founder and chief editor of, and Diary Of A Bad Man creator Humza Arshad are among the participants.


Project Perception

Even though the main audience is Muslim, Nadir Nahdi emphasizes that he doesn’t want people to perceive this project as Muslim. This video doesn’t show only Muslim people. Obviously, there are representatives of LBTQ-Communities and of other cultures apart from Muslim. However, Beni is a creation of a Muslim person and Nadir wants people to see strength in this inclusive approach.

The A To Z Of Beni: Nadir Nahdi's Project

Nadir opines that we are living in an age where all the information is extremely easy to acquire. You can upload a pic or a video and in a couple of minutes someone might see it. Therefore, Nadir decided to use this opportunity to eliminate the gap between the essence of people’s personalities and their misrepresentation. People from all around the globe should understand that a person is not about his or her nationality and background but about the achievements and ambitions. They are doing something magnificent and it doesn’t matter whether they’re Muslims or not.

According to Nahdi, his primary goal was to deprive viewers of prejudice. A hijab athlete, for example, is not the right view on a person. In the first place, she is an athlete! This is what makes her great and this is the right way to perceive the people around.



The A To Z Of Beni: Nadir Nahdi's Project

Yes! Especially now, in the millennial age. The producer is concerned that, before, no one was ready for a venture like that. But now, when Muslims have penetrated into every industry, people can empathize with who they see in the video.

Muslim people participating in this kind of brand campaign was deemed right by Nadir Nahdi. From time to time, people who don’t really understand the demographic try to come up with a supportive campaign of the kind. Nevertheless, what they really do is misrepresenting the community and making them feel ashamed. in Beni, Muslims are responsible for their own image in the eyes of the world.

The A To Z Of Beni: Nadir Nahdi's Project

Obviously, this campaign might not appeal to everyone. Even after the flop of his previous project, “Happy British Muslims“, Nadir is still ardent in his aspirations. Most importantly, people should emotionally invest themselves into this idea and make it a brand, a lifestyle. Eventually, this journey is set to change the perception of different people for the upcoming generations.

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