American millennials aren’t happy with both final two candidates of the 2016 US election, however the latest poll shows that Hillary Clinton is the lesser of two evils. Why Donald Trump is keep failing in winning millennials’ trust and is Hillary Clinton that much better?

A national Quinnipiac University poll results showed that in a hypothetical two-person election 64% of millennials would vote for Hillary Clinton now, while only 29% would support Donald Trump. The largest living generation of Americans aged from 18 to 35 simply don’t take the Republican candidate seriously and doubt that he will be ever able to make the right decisions about America’s future. What these numbers do really speak about?


Clinton vs. Trump: who’s least bad, not who’s better

Trump’s candidature for the 2016 US elections for many millennials still seems like a prank. How this even possible that “The Orange One” got so far without any political experience? His vague and not so realistic promises, threats to immigrants and mockery over woman triggered a wave of anger and indignation among the majority of democratically minded Gen-Z.

61% expressed a strongly unfavorable opinion of Trump, saying that he’s not capable to keep the US safe from terrorism and come up with solutions to american economy’s troubles. Most educated generation is sceptic about Trump’s fondness for protectionist economics and promises to bring back the golden days that are long gone.

Does this mean millennials are eager to vote for Clinton? Nope. 78% of millennials do feel like she’s more qualified to do the presidential job and lean towards the Democratic Party, but blaim her for dishonesty and uncertainty about country’s important issues. They prefer her mostly out of despair, because, in general, they aren’t satisfied with the choice between her and the former reality TV show star, two of the oldest presidential candidates in an american history. In fact, 37% said that they’d better vote for a third-party candidate instead.

Millennials. Trump

However, both candidates still have time to campaign to millennials and encourage political participation. Hillary Clinton already launched a Millennial Engagement Program with the help of a former Sanders stuffer, which includes “a listening tour of young voters”. Most likely, the Clinton’s team will talk more about debt free college education and gun control, which concerns young people the most. If outreach efforts will be successful, it will affect greately on her campaign.

As for Trump, he’s not even considering education as an important part of his campaign platform. What is more, his disapproval of gay marriages, insults adressing immigrants, insane ISIS comments are completely opposite to millennials’ core values. Trump is disconnected to their lives and he’s not even trying to minimize the threats, he’s wasting his time fighting off critisism instead of shifting his focus to subjects that matter for Gen-Z.


Millennials votes are crucial to elections results, but will they show up?

All in all, it’s still hard to predict the way the elections turn out, because young voters, which hold the keys to the White House, aren’t willing to get involved. They want clear plans to pursue America’s peace and proofs of how candidates’ rhetoric can actually benefit them, but what they really get is an ugly series of mutual recriminations.

Millennials. Trump

“We’re at a depressing moment where it’s unlikely that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will ever get these voters to love them. Instead, they’re trying to scare them, saying, ‘You can’t vote for him because he’ll nuke countries,’ or, ‘You can’t vote for her or like her because she’s a liar,’ ” says Kristen Soltis Anderson, a Republican pollster and researcher of millennials’ attitudes.

So, this harsh battle during the race for the White House is built around their personalities, characteristics, not their political ideologies. This causes loss of inspiration and enthusiasm among the millennials, which might not even show up on the big day. For now they feel hopeless, disgusted by the election process, and don’t know, what to do with the two-party system they have. So, if both Clinton and Trump won’t try to make a connection with Gen-Z and ensure every young voter make a well-thought decision, we’re all screwed.

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