Recently, two Californians, Matthew White and Ari Andersen, have decided to start a podcast, that would unveil the true value of millennials. Hence, the name speaks for itself – “Millennials Don’t Suck”. When people thought that the new generation is hopeless, these guys came with a different vision.



Millennials Don't Suck

Ubiquitously, the general attitude towards millennial people is negative. Young people seem to be egoistic, arrogant and unwilling to participate in the evolution of the human race. Thus, they just consume and don’t give anything in return. Nevertheless, Ari Andersen and Matthew White believe that this perception of their generation is terribly inadequate. Hence, they have launched a special podcast, each episode of which is dedicated to the hidden talents of this “malicious” generation.




Spanning through 22 episodes by now, this podcast, recorded at Ari Andersen’s home in East Los Angeles, sets a very cool goal for itself. It gives spotlight to the young minds, that move things forward: from hi-tech and politics to spiritual spheres. Obviously, there are so many people, who break their backs to handle medical research, programming or space engineering, for instance. It is obvious that their achievements shouldn’t be overlooked in any case.


Why “Millennials Don’t Suck”?


In April 2016, a video, bemoaning the state of the millennial generation, went viral. Consequently, it sparkled anger in Andersen’s and White’s hearts, because they are sure that this representation of their generation is false. Thus, the name for the show emerged without hesitation. “Millennials Don’t Suck” gives each talent from 45 to 120 minutes to fully reveal the secrets behind their hard labour. Eventually, the show should prove that the Y Generation is not just about gluttony and narcissism.

As a matter of fact, 21st century holds a lot of secrets. There are millennials, who do everything to create something new and fresh. What they wish is to set new goals for the people, find some new ways of understanding religious and spiritual contradictions and changing the way people perceive life. Each experience is valuable and hence should be transmitted to the people, who believe that youngsters are just loafing oafs.


The Influence


According to Andersen and White, the fact of just talking to the extraordinarily talented people of the same age as you is extremely inspiring. Who could have thought that these 20-year-olds are responsible for the most staggering innovations of the nearest future.

It is extremely important to acknowledge the work of those people, because what they do lays the ground for the future generations. If our children know that we didn’t squander the time given to us, they will have the inspiration to develop the world around them. In fact, this evolution is crucial, so projects like “Millennials Don’t Suck” are important in terms of maintaining it.

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