In the world, where men are expected to be in the office in politics, a successful female politician is more a vapor, than a reality. However, these persevering millennial women decided to follow their dreams of becoming accomplished politicians, and they’re taking it on as smashing professionals.


1. Lindy Li, the US, 26

From the time when Lindy Li was studying at Princeton University she held various leading positions: Class President, Princeton Honor Committee, Alumni Class President and an manager of Annual Giving. Now, after 4-year experience working in finance, she is a Democratic Congressional candidate for Pennsylvania. As a Democrat, Li stresses the importance of «government of the people and for the people»: she learned the importance of it when her family moved to the US with only one «suitcase of dreams». In her statement of values there are the importance of investing in America’s middle-class families and making college education affordable for students everywhere.

2. Vanja Hadzovic, Serbia, 31

Vanja Hadzovic, then 27, became an adviser in the Serbian ministry of foreign affairs. Holding a degree in Management in Media, she has a dream of becoming a diplomat. So  her name is making waves in diplomatic circles: in 2013 she entered the prestigious Diplomatic Academy with a first try.

3. Julia Bonk, Germany, 31

When Julia Bomk was a 14-year-old teen, she became a member of the Dresden City Student Council and was elected Vice-Speaker of the Students’ Council for the State of Saxony. In four year, at 18 she was choosen as the youngest member in history of a Parliament in Germany. She served as a Left Party politician in the Landtag of Saxony from 2004 to 2014.

4. Michelle Wu, the US, 32

Michelle Wu is the first Asian-American woman on the Boston City Council and its youngest current member, at just 31. Immigrated to the Chicago area from Taiwan with her parents, Wu excelled in school, winning admission to Harvard. After working as a consultant in Boston, she came back to Chicago to take care of her family and opened her own tea shop. Later she understood that she had to come back to Boston again, but this time with her mother and siblings, to have a brighter future. Back in Boston she started her political carrier: Wu joined Senate campaign of one of her law school professors Elizabeth Warren.

5. Mhairi Black, the UK, 22

Born in 1994, Mhairi Black became the youngest youngest member in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom. Her 20-year-old age by May 2015, when she was elected, made her the youngest person in line of duty since Reform Act of 1832, when 21-year-old James Dickson was elected in 1880. Black describes the House of Commons as «outdated, arrogant and out-of-touch» and is aimed to change it.

6. Saira Blair, the US, 20

Saira Blair, born in 1996, is the second youngest female politican on our list. In 2014, she was elected to state or federal office in the United States. At the age of 18 she became a member the West Virginia House of Delegates, representing the 59th district, based in the Eastern Panhandle. However she is still a student and is learning Spanish Language and Literature and Economics at West Virginia University. She is supposed to graduate in 2018.

7. Park Cannon, the US, 25

Park Cannon, raised on a military base in Albany, Georgia, entered Chapman University, but encountered racism there and chose to transfer to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This transformation was a successful one and Cannon graduated with a Major Degree in Linguistics and Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. From November 2015 Cannon became a Candidate for GA House of Representatives District 58. Three months later, in February 2016 she was elected as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives, representing the 58th district. Now she is holding the positions of Code Revision Committee Member, Human Relations and Aging Committee Member and Small Business Development Member.

8. Katie Walsh, the US, 32

At the age of 32, Walsh has achieved a lot. Graduated with a Business Degree from George Washington University in 2007, she worked on several political campaigns and with the consulting frim Ashcroft Group. Then in January 2013 Walsh joined Republican National Committee and became a regional finance director for the McCain-Palin presidential campaign. Being repeatedly recognized as one of the Washington Post’s 40 Most Interesting Women in Politics and Fortune’s 40 Under 40 Women to Watch, on On March 30, 2017 she announced about her decision to leaving her role in the White House to join the pro-Trump nonprofitAmerica First’. There she will be serving as an adviser, struggling to get off the ground.

9. Irina Volodchenko, Russia, 30

Gratuated from Faculty of Law of Saint-Petersburg State University, Irina Volodchenko entered State Duma in 2013 at 27 as a Control Officer of Parliamentarian Club. A year later Volodchenko was elected as a Member of Coordinating Council at Young Guard of United Russia.

10. Ruth Guerra, the US, 28

Ruth Guerra is now the Director of Hispanic Media for the Republican National Committee, where she advocated for the rights of the Latino community. Her political career dated back to 2008, when she was a volunteer for the McCain campaign and went on to become the first national press secretary for the LIBRE Initiative. «The core of Guerra’s message is to reconcile America’s strong belief in hard work and self-reliance with an institution that frequently fails to fully understand the unique challenges faced by the Latino community. Inspired in equal part by the “bleak statistics” and “seeing others succeed,” Guerra is among those committed to making sure our Spanish-speaking populations are getting a fair shot at the American Dream».

11. Daryl Joy Walters, the US, 25

Daryl Joy Walters is a graduate with Bachelor of Arts from Wiley College (’14) and now a student of Master program of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary (’18). At her young age she is recognized as the youngest rising star in Louisiana politics. Once she was named likely to be «America’s First Black Female President» by ‘Essence’ magazine.

12. Rachel Hundley, the US, 33

In 2012 Rachel Hundley moved to the west cost, pursuing her two biggest passions: small businesses and food. As a strong supporter of the local economy and sustainable agriculture, she co-founded ‘Drums & Crumbs LLC’, a brand of locally sourced, organic southern cuisine based in Northern California. Two years later she decided to climb political career ladder: she was elected to the city council for the City of Sonoma in 2014 and represented the city on a number of regional committees, such as the Sonoma Disaster Council, the Sonoma Housing Corporation, the Sonoma Valley Economic Vitality Partnership Steering Committee and the Sonoma County Mayors & Councilmembers Legislative Committee. Now Hundley is the Mayor of the City of Sonoma.

13. Chelsi Bennett, the US, 28

In 2010, being 22, Chelsi Bennett was elected as the Commissioner/Supervisor of Soil and Water Conservation District Group 5 in Jacksonville, Florida. Recognized as the youngest female politician in Jacksonville’s history, she served there for 3 years, actively petitioning and advocating on behalf of her community. While working she completed her Law Degree at Florida Coastal School and was a campus missionary at a local HBCU. She also «served as VP of Communications and as a Board Member for GlobalJax, hosting international delegations and leading the organization’s rebranding campaign and gala». Later Bennett was appointed by a Florida Cabinet member to serve as a Senior Policy Advisor in Florida’s Capitol. Currently, Bennett is the CEO and founder of her own strategic public affairs consulting firm, The CHB Group. She also serves as an adviser to a local elected official. In addition, Bennett is a motivational speaker and Bible teacher, recently launched together with her husband young adult ministry, The Return RVA.

14. Malala Yousafzai, Pakistan, now the UK, 19 

Malala Yousafzai is the youngest female politician on our list. Born in 1997, she is known as  a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate. «Yousafzai’s political career began when she started speaking out against Taliban strictures in Pakistan that prevented young women from attending school. Ever since, she has accepted a worldwide spotlight as she brings her advocacy for women’s rights into the international spotlight». TIME magazine has listed Yousafzai as one of the world’s 100 most influential people, referring to her speech about women’s rights at the United Nations.

15. Yvonne Dean-Bailey, the US, 21

Yvonne Dean-Bailey from New Hampshire is the newly elected State Representative for Rockingham’s 32nd District, serving on the Election Law Committee. «In that capacity, she works actively to improve ballot access, redistricting, and campaign finance matters that affect her home state and her constituents». Parallel to her political carrier, Dean-Bailey is working as Political and Corporate Account Manager at Spectrum Marketing Companies.

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