It’s 2016 and we still have to explain why black lives matter and proving that not all Muslims are terrorists? Miami Ad School’s started a “Vote for Peace” contest, aiming to bridge racial divides in America. Ad school school students in Atlanta, Miami, New York and San Francisco were given a challenge: use your creativity to help heal our nation by moving the conversation forward. Let’s see what are the ideas.


The place to become a creator

Miami Ad School's "Vote for Peace"

Miami Ad School was founded in 1993, has become a network of 15 ad schools across 10 countries. Ron & Pippa Seichrist gave birth to this innovative concept and are still very involved in the constant evolution of the school. They set a partnership with the industry to create the most unique portfolio program possible that reflects the latest needs of global advertising agencies and brands. The school focuses on providing students with as much real-world experience as possible, both professionally and, as with “Vote for Peace,” in the cultural sense, too. Moreover, one of the nicest thing is atmosphere – there is a friendly environment. Stidents in small groups brainstorming ideas or concepting over a game of ping pong. This creates unique atmosphere and desire to create.


“Vote for peace”

The history of race relations in our country goes back over 250 years, even before the birth of the nation. The lessons of history tell us this is not how progress happens. As we are still talking about it – there are still a lot of thing to change. People have taken a lot of actions—from music, art and oratory to marches through cities too numerous to name. But there in no one solution. There are many small solutions.

The contest at Miami as school attracted over 100 entries, and just 7 most successful of them were chosen by the judges like Michael Fanuele, chief creative officer at General Mills; Tham Khai Meng, worldwide co-chairman and chief creative officer at Ogilvy & Mather.


The Ideas

Miami Ad School's "Vote for Peace"

Miami Ad School's "Vote for Peace"  Miami Ad School's "Vote for Peace" Miami Ad School's "Vote for Peace". You Are Racist When You Are Hungry

United Not Divided

The #UnitedNotDivided campaign was devised to facilitate community action at a pure grassroots level. The installation is designed to work with existing standard stripped crosswalks and can be applied easily using temporary black and white chalk spray paint and an inexpensive stencil kit. The kit will be available through a Kickstarter campaign with proceeds going exclusively to producing and delivering kits to the backers themselves.

I’m human. What are you?

Beneath the current state of racial affairs there is one simple overriding truth that is mostly absent from the narrative. Before people are anything else, all of us are humans—a single species of beings. The things is divide people are all fictions. Lies have empowered with enough force to keep humans apart. More:

Color conversations

Color Conversations provides a place where people can have open discussions on race in America. There people can talk, without prejudice or agenda. Here is also an open forum where all voices can be heard. More: Color Conversations on YouTube.

Snickering At Racists

There is a lot of racism on Twitter. The creators believe that there’s no way anyone can be this racist for no reason. So, they hijacking Snicker’s popular tagline, turning it on it’s head and aiming it right at the loud, arrogant and ignorant racists on the micro-blogging platform. More: #SnickeringAtRacists #EatASNICKERS #YoureRacistWhenYoureHungry

More about the contest and participants you can learn here. By the way, you can also vote for the best one.

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