It has been no secret that competent use of social networks can play a crucial role in the development of your business. If one knows the basic tendencies of the media space life, he can increase his popularity and get to the very top in no time. Our today’s hero, Lora Arellano, CEO of Melt Cosmetics, one of those who intuitively has paved the way through the jungle of digital media and eventually found a niche next to the stars. On her case, we will analyze which tactics are still relevant and which are the most suitable for your business’ needs.


Who Is Lora Arellano And What Is She Doing?

To begin, let us explain who is Lora and in whatsoever business she actually succeeded. Nowadays, Lora Arellano is the makeup artist of such top-celebrities like Serena Williams, Rihanna, and Ciara. In addition, she is running the cosmetics company – Melt Cosmetics – for a couple with Dana Bomar. Lora made herself by herself, if we may say so. But not without the help of social networks. For example, Rihanna discovered Arellano after a dead dolly makeup tutorial posted on YouTube in 2012. «I’ve always used social media as a way to further my career, and it’s always worked,» – she says. And from that point in detail.


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A Solid Start

As soon as the idea appears, you need to look for ways to implement it immediately, while there is a fire inside you. If there’s anyone who knows about the importance of a solid start, it’s Arellano. After graduating from high school, she finished nine-week makeup program. Her next step towards the dream was securing her own makeup gigs. And that was no easy feat. «Freelance was very tough to overcome because it’s hard to get your name out there when no one knows about you,» – Lora said. She attended car shows and used MySpace to connect with professionals, like photographers, who were able to connect her with models. As in Lora’s case, not everything will turn out right from the beginning, but do not despair.



Always Be Yourself

Do not allow digital media to control you and change you. In the first place your potential customer appreciates you for honesty and openness. If you look at the social network to Lora, you will notice that Arellano allows you to enter her life without having formally met her. Being authentic on social media has helped her relate to customers and potential clients. Perhaps, it distinguishes Melt Cosmetics from other brands. Followers can connect the Melt with real personalities.


Take It Easy

If you are already fairly close to your audience, then you probably know such moment when it comes getting negative reviews. Not always everything goes swimmingly. However, it should not hurt you badly. Learn how to sift through constructive criticism from a simple negative spam. «You’re not going to make everyone happy, and that’s what you have to learn,» – Arellano says. Making most people happy is good enough. Arellano admits that to put up with this idea was the hardest thing in the whole process.


Slightly More Facts

Melt Cosmetics products take a year to develop from start to finish. During this time, it had its ups and downs. Today, Melt Cosmetics’ Instagram account has 2.2 million followers. Each post sometimes collects tens of thousands likes. But Arellano always remembers where she had started.

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