A world-famous photographer Martin Stranka, who exibited at various galleries from South America all the way to Asia, is now working on his book named «10 YEARS», dedicated to his first sound career anniversary.


Short Bio

Martin Stranka is a self-taught 32 years old photographer from Czech Republic. He has won over 50 major international photography awards, including European Professional Photographer of the Year, Nikon International Photo Contest, Prix de la Photographie Paris, Sony World Photography Awards and International Photography Awards eleven times in a row.

His works witnessed art galleries and open spaces in Europe, Asia, South and North America, covering New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Milan, London, Miami, Paris, Prague, Hong Kong, Kiev and many more.


10 Years Experience In One Book

At the moment Stranka is working on his art collector’s book in occasion of 10 years anniversary of his career. This 100-page book called it «10 YEARS». Right away he is running crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. You can check it on the project page.

Being a nature-lover, he dedicated the latest project «I Found The Silence» to conceptual photography with wild rescued animals. By the way, these very hotos happened to be the base of the upcoming book. He is admired by people who take care of stray animals, appeared to be in danger. «Few years ago I visited a forester who took two wounded wild foxes into his care. I am grateful I had the opportunity to capture them for one of my photos. Another amazing experience was a case of young deer who was rescued during summer harvest. Many of these creatures are hiding in corn fields, which is dangerous and fatal for many of them. Most stories have happy ending and some of these animals were able to return to wild nature when they got stronger», – the artist says.

Another focus of his art project is solitude. The photos depict a diary of his last 8 years, when he finds time to mediate and discover himself. These rare moments seem to be special, as they are far away from our non-stopping chaotic life. Stranka believes that such time points are «the healthiest moments you can have with yourself».


Questions & Answers Section

Where have you travelled to take photos for your latest project «I Found The Silence»?

My latest and the longest lasting series called «I Found The Silence» was meant to be a project for few photos. But I fell in love with the idea of it that I could not and still can not close it, finish it and leave it. It still absorbs me again and again. So during these ten years I travelled quite a lot. I visited countries like Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Italy. I fell in love with Slovak mountains Hight Tatras. It is an amazing place for taking photos. I remember moment when we tried to reach one of the high mountain peaks but it started heavily rain. I thought like «Damn we have to come back and cancel his trip». But after few minutes the rain stopped and that enormous quantum of water started to evaporate and everything was clouded into fog. This was the moment when my photo «I Can Hear You Call» was created. You can see this amazing mist behind the girl with fox in her arms.

Do you usually think over what you are going to take photos of or do you follow your intuition and suddenness?

It is quite hard to tell. Sometimes it is really well planned scene like my latest photo titled «Until You Wake Up». It is a photo with car crash and white deer in white freezing snowy atmosphere. And this is the moment when you have to plan basically everything due to its difficult setup. It was minus -15°C and we had to work quite quickly. But it was really worth it. With every modesty I have to say it is one of the best photos from my own portfolio. Mainly thanks to many personal feelings and emotions I put into this piece.

One of the reasons why I started taking photo was my tragic experience 10 years ago. One of my closest people died, I lost someone whom I loved so much. So the symbolic idea there was so strong for me. So back to your questions, yes, lot of artworks are planned. But on the other hand intuition must be always there as well. Some kind of the sixth sense or good feeling is important. Sometimes you have a rough idea on your mind and thanks to people/model you work with or circumstances can help you to realize the final artwork. And it can be quite different than your first idea. It is a creative way depends on lot of aspects. Following my heart is always the best way I can follow.

«I Found The Silence» unites your 10-year experience as a photographer. What is the most important achievement you’ve made during this period?

Yes, 10 years since I first fell in photography. There could be more little personal achievements. For example, being less afraid of taking photos of really difficult scenes. It is obvious when you are beginner you are scared of big ideas and difficult projects. But at the end of the day, you realized that your mind is only the limit. So probably I found more courage and determination to realize my work.

How will you look like in 15 years from now? What are you engaged with?

I hope and believe in one thing – I will be still so happy like I am now. This sort of freedom I can have thanks to my work, it is priceless. So I know it can be sort of cliché but being happy is the main goal for the future. And of there was a camera still in my hand, I would be even happier.

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