Lisa Mae Brunson, known as the Founder and Director of ‘Wonder Women Tech’, is committed to impacting humanity on a global scale. In the course of business, she is creating a shift in diversity and inclusion of girls and young women in STEAM and innovation fields, considered to be mainly occupied by men.

Graduated from Psychology Department of New Mexico State University, Lisa Mae Brunson is a creative visionary, speaker, author, social Innovator. The list of her achievements includes Long Beach Post’s 2016 40 Under 40 Winner, Medium’s 100 Women in Tech and Founders to Follow on Twitter, Commissioner on the Long Beach Commission for Tech and Innovation. She is the Founder and Director of ‘Wonder Women Tech‘, one of 11 organizations in the Nation to receive a Next Generation Leader from the McCain Institute for International Leadership (2016-2017).


‘Wonder Women Tech’: Mission

Founded in September 2013, ‘Wonder Women Tech’ is a Los Angeles-located International conference which celebrates, highlights and educates women and diversity in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and innovation. Its mission is to «disrupt the conference model» by creating a shift in diversity and inclusion. ‘Wonder Women Tech’ is offering revolutionary content and impactful discussions that will «further the development of women, girls and diversity as innovators».


Covered Areas In Creating Diversity And Inclusion

Conducting conferences and programming offer various speakers, panel discussions, coding classes, workshops, hackathons, community inclusion activities, thought leadership, and other dynamic programming aimed to empower «women, girls, people of color, the underrepresented, and diverse communities». By offering revolutionary content and impactful discussions, the organization is creating a shift in diversity and inclusion within STEAM industries. The exploring areas include Innovations in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, Startups/Startup Culture, Female Founders, Diversity and Inclusion, Social Innovation, Aerospace, Bioengineering, Engineering, Eco-Tech, Robotics, Mathematics, Leadership, Closing the Gender Gap, Pioneers in Tech, Space exploration, Future of Travel, Mobility, Automotive Innovation, The Intersection between Arts and STEM, Healthcare technology, Sports technology, and more. The theme of 2017 global campaign is #WeAreChangeMakers, which is aimed to explore the next frontier STEAM sector.

Inspiring Girls And Young Women Through Camp Sessions

In the framework of the organization’s work, Brunson launched ‘Junior Innovation Camp/Wonder Girls Camp’, teaching underprivileged kids STEAM curriculum, the camp program provided at no cost to participants. It engages students from 8 to 12 years old and 13 to 17 years old with courses that teach coding, film making, game development, DIY projects and entrepreneurship. Brunson also founded «two hackathons–Hacks 4 Humanity, a hackathon for Social Good, and Wonder Women Hacks, a hackathon to address challenges facing women and girls». This initiative has partnership relations with cities Long Beach, Los Angeles, London, and Washington DC, and Arizona State University and other organizations. Esteemed in her own right, she received a three-year commitment from the City of Long Beach to host the Wonder Women Tech Conference from 2016 – 2018 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

‘Immersion/Ambassador/Learning Center/Career Fair Programs

‘Wonder Women Tech’ also offers four other programs. The first is ‘WWT Immersion’. It pairs the organization’s sponsors and partners with «our attendees and online community network with mentorship and ‘Job Shadow’ opportunities». Another is ‘Wonder Women Tech Ambassador’, which creates a cross promotional partnership and engagement platform between strategic partners and the WWT community. ‘WWT Learning Center’ teaches girls and women new skill needed: for instance, how to code and build games. Lastly, it offers ‘WWT Career Fair’, where sponsors and partners are actively looking for talent in STEAM. So, it is a helpful platform to secure opportunities for job placement and internships.


‘WWT Show’: «A Kick Ass Group Of Disruptors»

In October 2015 Lisa Mae Brunson together with Melissa Guy launched Technology Review & Talk Show named ‘Wonder Women Tech Show’. Including a web series, Podcast and Periscope Live show, the project is aimed to celebrate women in Tech, STEAM and Innovation. The guests of the show are experienced women with various background. Gathering together, they «talk about the latest innovations and technology made by women, made for women and/or provide reviews on the latest technology/products from a female’s point of view». The team of people working on the project except Brunson as the Founder consists of Birgit Penzenstadler, Assistant Professor, Software Engineering, CSLUB, Elena Christopoulos, Energy/Sustainability Advisor, Simmone Park, Forbes Report Contributor, Global Partnership WWT and Renee Browne, Web developer, Technology Guru. They call their collaboration «A kick ass group of disruptors out to change the world with innovation!».


Building Sophisticated Computer Environment In Long Beach

In December 2016 Brunson was appointed by the Mayor of Long Beach to serve on the Commission for Technology and Innovation, which aim is to «work across traditional boundaries and improve government service for the Long Beach community». IT service delivery is made through a specific management approach, consisting of three components: people, process and technology. In the thick of improved service and collaboration, privacy and security of constituent data and personal information will remain primary. So the Commission is placing its efforts to fight the evolving threats occurred in the field of computer security. On its roadmap, there is also «a greater focus on creating a more energy-efficient computer environment at the City, among other things and places a significant emphasis on transparency, openness and civic engagement». They hope to make Long Beach «a premier place to live, work, learn and play».

‘EqualityTV’ And ‘I Am Equality’ Campaign

In August 2013 Brunson created ‘EqualityTV’, a digital media start-up highlighting marginalized and underrepresented communities. It says «We are not traditional media; we are conscious media. We are entertainment with purpose—and that is only the surface». You can watch the videos on the official channel. By that moment, Brunson also launched world-wide known ‘I Am Equality’ Campaign, aimed towards civic engagement and community building. It was set in motion in 17 cities and 5 countries. During this photographic campaign, Brunson «hugged over 8,000 people with her Love, Hugs and Inspiration Campaign». Such a scale totally made this initiative gone viral.

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