Marvel Comics, American publisher of comic books, has recently launched an “Insider” loyalty program that really shook their customers up. Let’s jump into more details about such event.


First of all, why do loyal programs matter that much?

Before we discover great features and odds and ends of Marvel’s Insider program, why don’t we look at some stats numbers that perfectly accentuate the importance and influence of the loyal programs. Yes, loyal programs are damn great if you know how to manage and pull the best out of them.

According to Hubspot’s research, 54% people believe that loyalty programs increase customers’ engagement with a brand, while 68% of millennials state that they would not be able to connect with a business if it didn’t offer loyalty programs. Also, up to 15% of loyal customers tend to be responsible for up to 70% of company’s sales.

Furthermore, study conducted by Social Annex found that 87% of customers say that they really want and value loyal programs, and 73% of shoppers state that good loyal programs serve to demonstrate how much brands care about their customers. Currently, in the US, the number of loyal membership programs hits about 2.6 million. 75% of the companies that offer loyalty programs state that those programs generate quite a positive return on investments in the future.


What is so special and unique about Marvel’s loyalty program?

Marvel Insider

In the past Marvel Comics offered a variety of loyalty programs, but now they took a significantly new direction: they give people free stuff for some easy and entertaining tasks. Marvel Insider gives people an opportunity to get real things, and here is what you need to do to earn them.

You just create a profile on Marvel Insider and collect points using various social media platforms of yours. How do you do that? Well, that’s super simple. You just need to engage with the brand. You either listen to a podcast (oh, we all have heard how effective podcasts are for engagements with the customers!), check in a comic store, watch a trailer, etc.

Peter Phillips, Marvel Entertainment Executive Vice President and General Manager for digital distribution, says that they are really happy to reward people for the stuff that those have already been doing to engage with the brand. Even if there can be a plenty of other opportunities for comic brands to engage with the audience, the Marvel Insider gets a lot more that you might think. Let’s talk about that.


What are the hidden intentions behind the generosity of the Marvel Insider?

Marvel Insider

There is always some purpose behind any activity that a brand implements. Whether it is an exciting user-generated content, cool videos, or a good loyal program, brands do it for their own benefit.

For the Marvel Insider membership programs, Marvel Comics gets to enjoy the following things.

  • Data to understand the customers

Philips says that the Marvel Insider allows Marvel to better understand how people engage with their brand. Marvel wants to know more about their fans and the content that the customers are interested in. To get credible data, what can be easier than ask a person to fill out a form in reward for a cool t-shirt?

  • More customers’ engagements with some deep Marvel’s products

Another takeaway of the loyal programs is to increase awareness about some of the Marvel’s products. Philips say that there are so much out there, that many people don’t have a chance to know about. Marvel Insider will give them an opportunity to learn more about some of their podcasts, videos, and great games.

Well, taking all of this into consideration, we can witness that Marvel Insider does work for both sides. Customers get to enjoy a bunch of free stuff, while the brand gets a lot of useful information about their fans that they can use to improve their products and service.

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