YouTube is overwhelming by lots of bloggers day by day but there are some true stars here. Marcus Butler, who has launched his YouTube channel in 2010, pleases followers different challenges and parodies, that`s the reason why everyone is interested how he has gone to success and what channel`s secrets are.

What do people know about Marcus Butler? He was born in 1991, from Shoreham-by-Sea, began making music mixes and sports footage videos in college. Many young ladies ask about the personal relationships of the celebrity and the answer is clear now: Marcus was in a relationship with Niomi Smart, who is a vlogger too, but the couple separated back in 2015. Now he lives in Brighton, has too close relationships with Stefanie Giesinger and spends time creating these wonderful videos and planning some new projects the next years.

Marcus Butler is so popular not only as YouTube vlogger but as one of the most influential tweeters in England. Also, the video channel started his career 6 years ago. His videos are variable with thematics and the main are about viral challenges, parodies and collaborations. So, he has two more channels: MoreMarcus and MarcusButlerGames which can tell you about health/books/holidays and games as Minecraft or The Sims respectively. Surely, these channels don`t have the same numerous of followers: MarcusButlerGames has 211 633 subscribers, MoreMarcus 1 998 441 and the main account has more than 4 625 431 subscribers and 379 372 699 views. It demonstrates easily the preferences of people and may guide Marcus in the right direction of development.

Meeting the story of Marcus Butler, a group of people want to know: what is the video which has made him too famous? Yes, it`s really almost one video where a collaboration with YouTuber Tyler Oakley shows «Impressions With Helium.» It`s not hard to guess that the video illustrates the impressions the after inhaling helium and humor can`t do without. As well, Marcus Butler helps his accounts on YouTube due to Instagram (3,5 million followers) and Twitter (over 2,9 followers) as @MarcusButler. For more communications he uses Facebook`s page — as a result he has plus 1,56 million followers.

What else? Marcus released an autobiography book entitled «Hello Life.» This book says about a way which has been gone by Marcus and about some secrets of success. To add, he released a single with the pop singer Conor Maynard which reached a 85 position in the Charts. And one more: one of his the most high-profile projects is a cooperation with ex-girlfriend Niomi called SourcedBox. Marcus adores health and fitness, so he inspired the idea of a healthy-snack service.

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