The gender revolution has occurred in XXIth century and a lot of new gender identities appeared: agender, transgender, pangender… There are more than 60 of them nowadays. But is it possible to provide an equality to all of them in the world where the rights of traditional genders as men’s and women’s are still violated? Here is the list of organizations who aim to build the society where not gender but personality matters.


National Coalition for Men

Feminism has more than 100 years history and now women’s rights organisations are the most powerful. But there are a lot of cases when men’s rights are violated: it used to be a common sense that sexual harassment is caused only by men or it seems to be “natural” that a court decides to let children to stay with mother but not father. What if it is not?  National Coalition for Men (NCFM) is a nonprofit  organisation who stands for masculism and aims to defend the rights of men and boys. This organisation, founded at 1977, stands for eradication of sex discrimination, primary, concerning divorce and military laws. They struggle against stereotypes concerning career, locking into a pattern of increasing salary-, pressure-, and time-demand, with decreasing satisfaction and opportunity for change. Free Men would like to help men explore, develop and choose career and career-coping options. NCFM also broadens career options by introducing men into jobs that used to be “not manly”.  Their team consist of qualified lawyers, psychologists, criminologist and the half of them are women. Why? Because men’s rights protection implies gender equality.


A Voice for Men

“Humanist Counter-Theory in the Age of Misandry” A Voice for Men (AVFM) claims to provide education and encouragement to men and boys and to  to lift them above the din of misandry, to reject the unhealthy demands of gynocentrism in all its forms, and to promote their mental, physical and financial well-being. AVFM activists assisted in launching the first international Conference on Men’s Issues in Detroit. The main topics of these meetings are unemployment, a possibility of creation of male birth control pill and increasing of care for men who are serving in the military. However, there are organisations who oppose to AVFM and call their rhetoric misogonist: it was included in the list “Misogony: the sites” created by Intelligence Report of Southern Poverty Law Center, that multiply  disagreed with AVFM.


Men’s Rights Association

Men’s Rights Association is one more organisation, their purpose is to work for honor and dignity of men and for gender equality. It calls attention to a fact that men experience a lot of pressure because of old-fashioned standards and requirements that results in a high rate of suicides among men. For example, in India the suicide rate of men is more than double of women. That’s why Men’s Rights Association sets such goals as to provide free legal help and counseling to Men in distress, to work towards reducing suicides of male, and to create awareness about anti-male laws and attitude.

As it was already mentioned, gender equality sector is quite feminized, but there is a reason for this: women still  experience rights violation the most. Let’s consider the most powerful women rights nonprofits.


Equality Now

“Let’s make equality reality for women and girls” – this is the slogan of Equality Now, a nonprofit founded at 1992. It protects women all over the world, but lately focuses on the countries where women still are not equal to men: African, Asian and Middle-Eastern regions. They consider such a problem as female genital mutilation, a widespread practice that can cause chronic infection, life going pain and psychological trauma. It still exists in traditional societies not only in Africa and Asia but also in expat communities in developed countries, for example, UK. Equality now year by year sets goals not only to equate women’s rights with men’s ones but also to improve the lives of ladies in all the social spheres.


White Ribbon

White Ribbon is a quite non-standard organisation that stands for women’s rights. Why? Because it runs by men and boys. Its story begins on École Polytechnique massacre in Canada on December 6, 1989, where 14 women were killed by an anti-feminist. Since that men started to wear a white ribbon that signified opposition to violence against women. In 1991 the largest White Ribbon campaign was launched by activist Michael Kaufman and politicians from Toronto and now it is represented in more than 50 countries, where boys are working to end violence against women. However, the last few years the organisation faces a lot of criticism from women societies: for example, Cosmopolitan magazine stated that such an approach not reduces but strengthens  “anti-feminists propaganda”.


The Association of Women’s Rights in Development

The Association of Women’s Rights in Development involves researchers, students, academics, business people, policy-makers, researchers and activists from all the spheres in order to protect women’s rights. One of the largests feminist organisations aims to be a driving force within the global community of feminist and women’s rights activists, organizations and movements, strengthening our collective voice, influencing and transforming structures of power and decision-making and advancing human rights, gender justice and environmental sustainability worldwide. Annually AWID organizes an international forum (#FeministFutures hashtag) where issues concerning violation of women’s rights are discussed in the format of public talks, workshops film discussions.


Fawcett Society

Fawcett Society, one of the oldest communities standing for women’s rights has a 150 year old history. In was founded in 1866 by suffragette Millicent Garrett Fawcett, who dedicated her life to. The idea of feminism has changed over the years: back then women voted for suffrage, but now, they are struggling against sexism, women objectivation, and prohibition of abortion. Fawcett’s “great-granddaughters” believe that change that improves women’s lives today also improves the prospects of future generations, freeing everyone from the limitations of traditional gender roles and expectations.


Sonke Gender Justice

For the following organization it doesn’t matter man or women… They are focused on Africa just want gender equality to set in there. They are for human rights. Sonke Gender Justice’s vision is a world where men, women and children can enjoy equitable and happy relations. Sonke’s phiposophy implies that in order to reach gender equality, some things should be done in complex: it is important to strengthen government in Africa, civil society and citizen capacity to promote equal rights, prevent domestic and sexual violence and to reduce the spread of AIDS. And no one remains uninvolved: men, women, sexual minorities, young people, refugees, migrants and other relevant stakeholders are represented in Sonke’s governance structures.

However, nowadays there are more than two genders. In 2014 even Facebook supported this fact by introducing a list of 58 genders that you can mention in your profile. Whom should you address if you are neither man nor woman? Here is the couple of organizations.


National Center for Transgender Equality

Once the founder of National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) realized she needs someone who would support her with the questions concerning gender, she decided to establish such a community. That’s how Center for Transgender equality was born. This organization aims to enlighten modern society about transgenderism in order to increase tolerance and end discrimination of transgender people. Currently they are trying to solve problems like bullying  in schools, limited access to sex-specific facilities such as bathrooms, discrimintation in employment.  NCTE monitors federal activity and communicates this activity to transgenders, educates members of Congress on problems that impact transgender communities and provides a center of expertise on transgender issues.



This Australian organisation have just startd its journey and is ready to provide support for all the 60 alternative genders. The Gender Diversity Alliance of South Australia (GenDASA) was established to help people who identify themselves as transgender or gender diverse. Whether you are F to M, M to F, agender, crossdressing, questioning or non-binary, GenDASA is ready to help. It raises the awareness of gender diversity, helps with political lobbying, and fighting to protect any gender’s rights. This organization is one of the pioneers of every gender rights protection and now it looks for a volunteers who support gender diversity in all the spheres of society life.

As time is going on, people face more and more opportunities and issues concerning gender. Since all these 10 communities exist, the gender is till the point of discrimination. However, without them there would not be any movement in different gender’s rights and diversity.

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