On their recent album “Junk”, M83 embraced the idea of going back to the 80s. But now, they attach that idea not only to the music, but to a music video. Moreover, they do it in a very innovative way. In fact, they’ve created a video game for the song “Go”, in collaboration with Microsoft. So, how did it all go down?


M83 + Microsoft: Is It Really So Strange?

M83 + Microsoft

French electronic band M83 has collaborated with Microsoft and creative agency Listen in order to create something fresh and nostalgic at the same time. What they did was a browser-based video game, which is synced with the band’s song “Go”.Furthermore, the game features a 8-bit remix of it to create the 80s nostalgic effect. Surely, everyone remembers those first video games, even if you were born much later. Playing around with those sentiments, the project creators are only starting to fill that artistic void. The project is called “Meet Me At Go” and it is not just another music vid.

Meet Me At Go

Microsoft has invited M83 to be one of the participants in their Music X Technology Program. There, they give musicians access to the latest tech innovations, including Kinect and Hololens. Alongside the French act, there are Grimes, Childish Gambino and Big Grams.


The idea of the game is quite simply. Primarily, every piece of it is inspired by the 80s cyberpunk and had to reflect that feel. Secondly, it drew inspirations from probably the most popular type of old gaming – car racing. In the game, you have to chase another car, collect special items and avoid smashing the obstacles. Moreover, the idea of chasing someone is also mentioned in the song itself. You might chase a car or you might chase your lover.


Production Phases


Anthony Gonzales (aka M83) has given “Go” to Microsoft and Listen, so that they could make a 80s style 8-bit remix of it. According to Steve Milton, the co-founder of Listen, the whole project took quite a lot of time. As the remix was ready, developers started to sync the song with the video game they have created for it. If the song softens, the car slows down, but in the chorus, when the energy bursts, the car starts moving much more rapidly.

Of course, it sounds quite simple and the whole idea is simple indeed. However, making the video and the song, that evolves musically and lyrically by itself, combine perfectly was tough. Every change in the lyrics and in the tempo had to go along with the action in the game. But in the end, it resulted to be feasible.


Evolution Of The Sphere


Microsoft describe the project as an “interactive music experience”. Obviously, for it to be perfect you would have to use Microsoft technology like Microsoft Surface touchscreen or Microsoft Edge browser (if you’re in for some easter eggs). Thus, it becomes an advertisement not only for the band, but for the company itself. And it is not the first venture of the kind.

This juxtaposition of a video game and a song becomes a part of what’s called “advergaming”. Previously, there projects alike, with De La Soul’s Pain and Skrillex’s Skrillex Quest among them. Therefore, one might say that this marketing tool works well for tapping into new audiences, who always seek something fresh and new.

Eventually, project like “Meet Me At Go” provide space for this new approach to music videos. Who would have though that a “music video game” would work well? Maybe, there’s much more for it in the nearest future. Nevertheless, we can’t predict whether it will prove to be an efficient artistic tool or it was just a temporary plaything.

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