Meet Lotta Volkova Adams – fashion stylist, who brings underground style to fashion industry. She is on the #Dazed100 list of the most talented creatives, shaping youth culture. Lotta styled fashion shows and photoshoots for i-D magazine, Modern Weekly China, Dazed & Confused Japan, Harper’s Bazaar Russia, Tokion и Vogue Nippon, SSAW, Man About Town and Vman. She designs men’s clothing for her own brand Lotta Skeletrix and successfully collaborates with Vetements. Besides, the stylist had an experience of working with a global megastar – Sonia Rykiel.

If you are keen on fashion and trends, this is the person you should definetly know! Here are 7 facts, that will help you stay updated:


#1: She was called Lotta in honor of Led Zeppelin song – “Whole Lotta Love”

Such an odd name, probably, defined her creative and extraordinary nature. Volkova was born in the family of sailor from Vladivostok in 1983. Her childhood came on hard post-soviet times, what also influenced her perception of the world.

Lotta Volkova


#2: It took her just a few seasons to alter fashion industry

Lotta`s vision of style celebrates both post-soviet and punk cultures in all their gritty glory. All of these she brought into fashion with her sensual and at the same time rebellious looks. Unexpected pairings, strange proportions, incredible mix of colors and textures are her unique signature.

When Volkova arrived to the fashion world, the attributes of various subcultures appeared on the runways: oilcloth aprons like those that blacksmiths wear, punk jackets and t-shirts, gopniks` tracksuits.

Lotta Volkova


#3: She doesn’t believe in existence of new subcultures

Lotta Volkova claims, that nowadays we can observe only fine lines between subcultures of the past. As regards new subcultures, she believes that they simply do not exist. Probably, this happens because of Z-generation’s different vision of subcultures and identity. Wearing punk t-shirts doesn`t mean sharing punk ideology. The boundaries are blurred: one person becomes a mix of various subcultures. And this process is flexible and fast-moving. Style is free from ideology and political views. Therefore, Lotta believes, that clothes should help get into the character and catch the mood. This is why she pays so much attention to social uniform codes.

Lotta Volkova


#4: She`s fighting “klukva” stereotypes

“Klukva” (eng.- cranberries) is the word that describes worn out stereotypes about Russia. Valenki, ushanka-hats, fur coats and bears  – we all saw that motives at least once. Lotta is fighting “klukva” with her styles. She introduced another Russian trend – post-soviet outfits and “gopniki” attributes, such as tracksuits with classic shoes, oversized jackets and weird combinations. Unlike “klukva” these trends are real and still exist in Russian suburbs as well as on fashion runways.

Lotta Volkova



#5: She collaborates with Gosha Rubchinskiy and Demna Gvasalia

Lotta is a right hand of Demna Gvasalia, the founder of Vetements and Balenciaga creative director. Demna`s special view on sculpting and constructing cloths barely changed her attitude to it. Lotta takes part in castings and gives advice on new Demna`s collections.

She is also excited about the friendship with Gosha Rubchinskiy. They were both born in Russia, in the same year and had the similar childhood. These collaborations bring fresh meaning the idea of the collective in fashion. And what is far more important, together these guys turned post-soviet culture into major fashion trend.

Lotta Volkova


#6: She considers fashion as business

Lotta says that she find inspiration in various projects and collaborations. Recently she worked with Monica Bellucci, Diane Kruger and Isabelle Uper.  Common idea is what makes the process exciting. However, the stylist admits, that personally for her,  fashion is a business, not an art. According to Volkova, the final result is always a product, that must sale well and bring income.

Lotta Volkova


#7:  Deconstruction is her lifestyle

Lotta Volkova embodies the deconstruction trend in her lifestyle. From time to time she hangs out in sex clubs or underground Chinese restaurants. And, of course, express it through her own outfits – sport hoodies, massive punk boots, t-shirts and rocker scarfs with words, written with Cyrillic alphabet.

Lotta Volkova

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