Have you ever wondered why some YouTube blogs collect more views than others? How does it happen that one channel gets more attention? If you want to know as it comes, we suggest you refer to the experience of L’Oréal, which in June 2016 became the most viewed YouTube beauty brand, and, by the way, for the first time. Believe us, they have a lot to learn, even if your target audience does not correspond to theirs.


Think About A Person

You probably know that today the competition in the digital world of social media is extremely high. Each sphere of human life is influenced by the media. In the Internet space thousands of websites, blogs and forums are devoted to each issue. And if someone is gaining a large number of views (that is usually not peculiar), it worth to pay attention in that direction. According to Tubula, in June L’Oréal collected 89.3 million video views.

Top beauty brands on YouTube. L'Oreal

In fact, the success of the brand was contributed by the decision to go against the rules. Under the rules it implied the idea of marketing that a large number of video properties hurts the brand. In practice, it turned out quite differently. How much do you know about the brand L’Oréal? Honestly, you only need to know that this is one of the largest beauty companies in the world. It turns out that to attract the attention of the world, you need to think globally… and act locally. L’Oréal has 61 video properties in 39 different countries not just so. Cosmetic company aware that this world is not the same size for all; each person is different and he needs an individual approach. The culture in which develops the individual, his language, climate, living conditions – all this affects his social, media, ethical and even hygienic preferences.

L'Oreal geography

Beauty industry, more than any other, should understand this. Producing high quality product, must not be forgotten that people’s genetics around the world is different. What’s good for one may not work for another. The same scheme works with advertising the product. Brand must rely on local trends and cultural characteristics. L’Oréal advertising slogan states: «After all, you deserve it!». To unite women (and even men) around the world, to give them a unique feel that the product is designed precisely to them you need the right approach to product development and advertising strategy.

For example, one of the brand’s most viewed videos in June was a clip, which shows consumers feedbacking on the Micellar Water product. It generated 7 million views, and 70,000 engagements. The success is due to the fact that people were given feel like an important part of product development. Their voice and opinion treated with respect, as an expert.


The Strength In Individuality

One of the popular tricks in marketing (and you probably experienced it more than once) is a demonstration of the powerful people who pass through difficulties, racial and national differences, the problems of life, etc. L’Oréal avoided the tragedy, but nonetheless did not remain on the sidelines. On May 15, 2016 company posted a video in which three women with different heritages tell their L’Oréal’s experience with foundation. They explain that L’Oréal Paris True Match Foundation has all the shades. Therefore, anyone can pick up the necessary tone and remain individual, himself. According to a survey by 2CV and L’Oréal, 98% of Australian women found their True Match over 2 weeks.

What Makes L'oreal Most Watched Beauty Brand On YouTube

Well, it was simple and effective video marketing strategy from L’Oréal. It seems that he was able to find the right way to earn a high level of display. If you think that it was an accident, then you are wrong. A similar strategy to promote the brand use Google (101 YouTube channels), and Coca-Cola and many famous company. Remember that success is assured, when you think about your consumer as a single person; pay attention to the individuality, not the mass, when it comes to advertising.

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