Many digital video publishers wonder what the ideal length of video content is. While some say that the only thing that counts is the level of quality instead of length, long-form videos become more and more popular among digital companies. Mic, known as millennials-targeted platform, proves the idea of long-term videos in digital media and shifts to a brand-new style of storytelling.


There is no reason to be afraid of long-term videos

Nowadays is very popular the idea of lack of attention among new generations. Millennials seem to be quite hard to concentrate on one thing online6 especially when they see this frightening number – 20 minutes. It’s something about 3 funny short videos on YouTune, 2 comments on Facebook, 1 scrolling through your Twitter feed… In sum, millennials really appreciate their time, or at least they believe it… Actually, there’s only one rule which works for both short-form and long-form videos: it’t the first 15 seconds of it. If these 15 seconds are able to capture viewer’s attention, he will continue to watch, no matter how long the video is. Long-form videos is a kind of copy of TV experience: people want to see linear series not only at home, and they agree to spend their time on it.




How Mic is adopting long-form videos

Mic, as relatively new-to-the-scene publisher, has great plans. The media platform is targeted to millennials. It covers a big content area: from politics to pop-culture news. Mic soon understood that it’s necessary to develop video content, because it’s the most effective way to gain audience and develop the platform. The number of video sources growing, and the audience demands new device-specific formats. So, not so long ago, Mic decided to acquire mobile video startup Hyper, which just appeared in the market in Autumn’15. “We are at the early days of a video revolution, it’s the new consumption paradigm and we are making a big commitment to it. At the same time, TV advertising is moving to digital while the cable bundle is coming apart,” said Mic CEO and co-founder Chris Altchek.



Mic plans for long-form video unit

To provide quality original video content, Mic launched its new long-form video unit – Mic Visions. Now it focuses on non-fiction and documentary videos, and the first experience of it is series Clarity, which Mic runs on Spotify. It’s supposed the be a pioneer news magazine project. Clarify it divided into 10-minutes videos, which add up together to 20-25-minutes episode. The decision to run series on Spotify is not random. The editors hope, that such move will create a linear television distribution for its projects.

Five-year-old Mic is a comparatively young digital media, and of course it uses another brand-new ways of self-promotion. Unlike many other digital publishers, Mic’s editors understand quite well that the future is for the video content. As a result, Mic now seems to be a real competitor for BuzzFeed or Vox. It’s first successful experience with online long-form videos was in 2015, when Mic launched weekly web series Flip The Script. “Our goal is to create premium programming in Mic’s voice that will inform, entertain and drive big millennial audiences,” said Mic co-founder and CEO Chris Altchek. He is convinced, that the idea of long-form videos will for sure work with millennials.

Though long-form videos are more expensive for publishers, it’s an upcoming way of storytelling. We’ve seen the long way of development of short-form videos, but to be honest, the audience is a kind of tired of it and to experience something new and more deep. So Mic really has its point, and it;s time now for old and skilled digital players to follow this young publisher.

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