What do you know about Cape Town? So, you’ll definately answer that it is capital of South Africa, probably you’ll name some sights located there… But how about music? This city is surprisingly famous for its bright and energetic night life, music festivals and other events you’ve never heard about.


The Littlegig experience

This year, Littlegig is going to present 45 musicians and musical groups, 16 DJs, 7 artists, 17 designers and 4 restaurant chefs in 24 hours. The festival is called “all inclusive”, like hotel or so, because food, as well as fashion and musical shows, are included in total ticket price. Have you ever seen such thing? I guess no, and that’s why Littlegig is the only world’s fest that offers you a privilege not to worry about expenses. The ticket price varies depending on thw lodging you choose:  pre-pitched camping tents start from R2,500 and goes to R4,500 and more for more luxurious and comfortable options. Also you are able to buy daily ticket for R1,950 without accomodation.

Creating such unique conditions, organizators are trying to intensify festival athmosphere and focus on art and performances without rapacious goals to increase profit. This approach is seen everywhere: musicians and DJs invited are not really famous, they’ve never gathered thousands of fans in stadiums, but their attractiveness comes from the way of singing and playing as well as authenticity. Listeners feel the kinship with people who play music for them; having the common life background, they share same emotions and experiences. Uniting fans with musicians is what Littlegig stands for. “We’ve gone all out to source people doing the most interesting things with music, food, wine and design; all in the spirit of open-minded curiosity and creative expression. And we’re keeping the festival small and intimate, which is key to the Littlegig experience!”, – says festival founder and curator Georgia Black. Ann Jangle,The Rudimentals,Lee Thompson Quartet and The Steamrollers are just some guys from line-up list. 

Food, arts and many more

Considering food and drinks, you’ll never be bored and hungry: festival suggest you delicious food made by young and talented chef of Nordic cuisine Rasmus Munk. His restaurant in Copenhagen, “Alchemist”, was recently awarded as an “Innovation of the year” by Nordic food bible the White Guide Denmark. Local famers and Munk’s assistants will help serving guests and preparing dishes.  Caramelized leeks with potatoes and dehydrated tomatoes, tartar of lamb hearts with blood sauce of chicken stock and cherries for demanding gourmets… I wonder why you still haven’t bought tickets!


But the most tricky and arousing part is art and fashion performances. A pair of giant floating swans installed on water becomes again a main symbol of the event. If you desire to feel like having fun in wild tropical thicket, the Gin Bar with its illuminated liana – made roof is an ideal place to have a rest and taste a glass of refined wine.Rowan Smith, a member of Whatiftheworld Gallery, will demostrate an iceburg that lights up at night. Another local artist, Atang Tshikare, exhibit live six-metre graphic installation for on of DJ’s stages.

Moreover, Littlegig invited not only artists, but also urbanists for conceptualising the space: they work with the problem of transformation. Ilana Swanepoel will turn the Hair and Make-Up Champagne Salon into a forest lounge, stylists Michael Cooper and Gavin Mikey Collins will make concept store a disco-hall, and Tasha Tyler will be responsible for jungle mood at the Tropical Bass Bar on the island. Within the framework of the fest, concept store will launch its latest collection, and so visitors will be able to buy something and even watch fashion show. In south Africa, fashion industry is growing rapidly these days, and some brands could compete with their Western counterparts. But Littlegig is not about the mainstream culture; it gives us an opportunity to see beauty in everything we’re surrounded by.

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