It can happen any situations in life. Everything is opportunities that you took or not. But if something goes wrong, you will always have THIS opportunity. All about is in a Thai Life Insurance new promotional film.

Certainly the majority of Internet users at least once met a clip “Unsung Hero” launched in 2014 by Thai Life Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies. It has long been a little more than just advertising (28.9 million views on YouTube). A year later they have shown to the world “Garbage Man“. This time, they also decided not to go off the beaten track and enlarged a number of video works with a heart-piercing short film, marking the brand’s 75th anniversary.


For ourselfes – for others

The five-minute long film, “Opportunity” explores the idea of where opportunity comes from, and what it means, through the unrelentingly grim backstory of an apparently successful professional woman. At what appears to be a job interview the woman is asked, “How do opportunities arise?” The narrative then takes us on a journey revealing how this woman has got to where she is.

“Or do opportunities arise when you have never had them before?” For this woman, opportunity has surfaced in her life for numerous reasons. Some of these are to do with hard work and diligence but alongside this, she has suffered heart-rending loss and profound hardships.

Thai Life Insurance About Value Of Life

Thai Life Insurance About Value Of Life

One day, sitting under the bridge a homeless little boy coughing in the hands of his mother out of her reverie. She looks at salapao (pork bun), she holds and thinking about all the suffering she had been through. Nevertheless realized it’s her duty to save the little boy and mother from her same fate – to create opportunities for others.



In the final scene we see our main character desperately running in a hospital juxtaposed with scenes of a dying boy being denied a life-saving operation because his mum doesn’t have insurance papers present.

Thai Life Insurance About Value Of Life

Opportunities can mean the most when we’re the ones giving them to other people. Thai Life has reached deep connections with audiences through genuine, honest emotive storytelling that people anywhere can identify with. These emotional narratives are in harmony with one of the brand’s core beliefs, “Value of Life”. If you do not invest some value in your commercial or non-povestvuete story, consider you have not done anything.

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