Legion M, films a special series about today’s icons, using VR technologies. They teamed with Kevin Smith on a pilot to preserve the legacy of a comic book legend Stan Lee.

What if you could have a chance to talk to William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe or someone else who is no longer alive? Legion M  uses today’s technologies to capture and preserve the legacy of today’s well-known people in a series called ICONS: Face to Face. It will allow fans and future generations to have a talk with people, who mean a lot to all of us, so in the first episode get ready to meet a 94 years old comic legend Stan Lee – the former President of Marvel Comics and co-creator of “the pantheon of modern gods”, including Iron Man, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four and many more.

Legion M is the first fan-funded entertainment company, which allows fans to invest in and take part in the creation of movies, TV shows, and other things. They opened their doors to non-accredited investors and raised $1.2 million, so they could run such projects as the upcoming films Colossal (releasing April 7) and The Field Guide to Evil, and the digital TV series Pitch Elevator. It recently opened an investing round that will allow it to raise up to $50 million (you can buy stocks here).

It’s all about a journey of firsts: the first episode of the series by the first fan-funded entertainment company and the first use of a new configuration of VR technology.

The thing is that Legion M overcomes two great technical challenges as they need to place the camera much closer than it was possible before without optical distortion or any changes that can destroy the 3D perception, and also they record their project at a resolution, which is so high that people just can’t perceive correctly. All these technological problems will be solved in 5 to 10 years and, as Jeff Annison – co-founder and president of Legion M says. He adds that their aim was to make sure that all these captured materials would be completely future-proofed. “There isn’t a TV, headset, or movie projector that exists today that can display it in the full resolution that we got,” Annison points out. As we’ve already written, there a lot of interesting projects which involve VR, but some of them could be realized and widely spread only in future.

This idea generated when Annison, co-founder and CEO Paul Scanlan and others heads of Legion M began talking to VR companies in order to create closer experience of viewing than it had been done before: they wanted people to be able to feel as though they were near prominent persons and to have a chance to talk about their lives, the best and the worst moments, dreams and other things that could be important and interesting for fans and future generations. In addition, they wanted to adapt the footages to future display methods. This idea couldn’t be implemented until they found out that Stan Lee was not only ready to take part in this experiment but also he said: “It’s such a good idea, I wish I’d thought of it myself!”

As Legion M wanted their interviewees to feel comfortable and opened, they let Lee choose a person to interview him – Kevin Smith. He did it a lot of times so he definitely knew which questions to ask. Surprisingly, the comic icon agreed to let it happened in his house. Annison says: “It was daunting. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get Stan at his house”. So they used this opportunity in a right way – they decided to ask Lee not only about his Marvel career but also about the day he met the love of his life, his the worst day and how he got through it and many other things that will help people understand him better even after a lot of years.

The Icons pilot is the first solely produced work of the company and now Legion M hopes to find partners to film more Icons interviews. They want to see the results of the work with Stan and prepare for some future episodes of the series. So far, Pacific Rim and Pan’s Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro has agreed to do an episode. Moreover, the company as routes to Stephen Hawking and Barack Obama, so stay in touch and be ready to watch the series of the future.

 “We wanted to give people a hundred years from now the opportunity to sit down and spend an hour with him. That drove us to new technology, to do something that’s never been done before.”

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