What we know about Leah Sсhrager‘s bio by day is that she is a visual artist based in NYC. She’s got an MFA from Parsons – FYI, it’s a Fashion, Art and Design School in New York whose renowned graduates are Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Roy Lichtenstein, and Alexander Wang, just to name a few. Mainly, her work consists in photographing and marketing her own image. Female body is being exposed and examined by Leah. She first became known 6 years ago when she established a brand new approach to therapy under a pseudonym of Sarah White, aka The Naked Therapist. At the moment Schrager is engaged in a musical project. ONA was created “to share my pro-sex message in a more affordable, broad, and artistic way,” – she says.

Before The Nude Therapist. Leah Shrager


How Does It Work?

Can my doctor be a sexy female? A dream of many boys, huh? But still doesn’t sound complete. Here we’ll briefly describe what happens on a typical session. To start with, it’s a man who chooses an initial form: it can be either a text chat and a one-way cam (a client can see Leah but she can’t see him) or a voice chat and two-way cam (clear). Private sessions are not provided. The 1-hour session is hold online via webcam, so all you need is love and good Internet connection. The two talk about whatever bothers the client, and, by wish, Leah and/or the client get naked in the process of the conversation. He can even masturbate. All per a man’s desire.

Before The Nude Therapist. Leah Shrager

Before The Nude Therapist. Leah Shrager

Before The Nude Therapist. Leah Shrager

Basically, there are two questions that come to one’s mind when he/she get to know about Leah Schrager. First, “But still, why naked?”. As Leah puts it, her stripping or being naked from head to toe provides full interaction with a client (compared with a traditional therapeutic session). Through the process of undressing, he has a completely different experience. A man might feel scared, curious, aroused, and close to opening himself to a doctor. The outcome, hence, is much greater. The second question is…


Doc, Is There Something Wrong With Me?

To answer the question what category of men needs her help, Leah mentions one thing that is special about Naked Therapy: “There doesn’t have to be anything “wrong” with you. In fact, we’d go one step further and say that the fact that you’re even considering Naked Therapy proves that you are open-minded, adventurous, and thoughtful! Why seek Naked Therapy, then? Because Naked Therapy will help you gain power through arousal. With your Naked Therapist you investigate who you are and figure out how you can bring more beauty, excitement, and power to your life.”

Before The Nude Therapist. Leah Shrager

Living Unbound

Leah Schrager’s actions might be regarded as way too liberal, unconventional, pushing the limits of the “normal”. As recent study shows, Naked Therapy can be affiliated to the broader field of performance art therapy, unique experience participating in which the client gets a chance to join his therapist. The event taking place is called performative as it is mutually constructed and provokes dialogue. It’s hardwired to give release to its client from whatever is holding him up from happiness. She sees Naked Therapy as “an intentional and authentic therapeutic practice aimed at helping people.” So, good vibes only.

Before The Nude Therapist. Leah Shrager


A Critical Glance At “The Method”

It should be mentioned that Leah Schrager’s actions were featured prominently, becoming a major focus of public attention. She was slut-shamed for her work whether it be furious Instagram comments or art critics naming her work not valuable and trying to prick her. Not valuable in their theoretical contribution to science? Perhaps. But in practice, what she did turned truly effective: many people confess that Naked Therapy has made a huge difference in their lives. Then, she considers herself “highly skilled at talking, listening, and counseling while also being arousing.”

But most importantly, White-Schrager admits, she is not a licensed psycho-therapist. And it’s not likely that she will ever be as the techniques she uses are condemned “unethical” by state. Yet, she has years of studying psychology, human sexuality, and social biology under her belt, and hundreds of people that were assisted and whose lives have changed since that.


Minimizing Possible Risks

As far as it comes to privacy issues, the first thing is no recording of the sessions is permitted for a client or anyone else. Leah keeps a full recording of the session in case it appears in media, so that she can track who has uploaded it and prosecute the lawbreaker.

Second, by entering Shreger’s therapeutic session a man takes responsibility for the the decisions he makes and actions he takes afterwards. Third, client confidentiality is the principle of the highest value to Leah. For that reason, there’s no chance that she can reveal her client’s identity or contact information.

Finally, she urges: “I like to have fun. But these are professional services. If I feel you are out of line, acting disrespectfully or rudely towards me, I will warn you that if you continue that behavior I will terminate the session. And if you don’t stop that behavior, I will terminate the session and your payment will not be refunded.’

And yes, it’s 18+.

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