Recently we`ve told you about the rebellious fashion stylist, who has altered fashion industry in just a few seasons. Here is another name, that you need to know. Meet Samantha McCoach, fashion designer and the founder of Le Kilt, finding inspiration in punk rock femmes.

Samantha`s granndmother was working as a traditional kilt-maker in Scotland long before her granddaughter started her own business. Once, granny has made a short black kilt for Sam as a gift. Who knew that several years after grown-up Samantha McCoach would turn a family heritage into popular meaningful brand?

Sam liked her new black kilt so much, that she decided to learn, how to make the traditional skirt herself. With the help of her granny, she made some pieces for her friends. Subsequently, it wasn`t enough for her. And when she came across the name “LeKilt” in Graham Smith`s book “We Can Be Heroes, the history of her brainchild – Le Kilt has started.

What`s so special?

Impeccable taste, respect to traditions and natural materials – these are what make Le Kilt stand out from many other fast-rising labels. Le Kilt is an appealing brand with heartwarming family story and important mission. According to McCoach,sustainability is the core of her brand. Fof her clothes Samantha uses only ethically sourced wool. Each piece is produced by traditional kilt makers. Sam believes, that young brands should demonstrate creative ways to progress sustainably.

Samantha creates the pieces that really feel like being worn all the time. She brings a touch of modernity to traditional clothes, complemented with adorable details, such as enormous pins. This is why not only patriots love Le Kilt. Fashion bloggers successfully integrate the designs into their daily looks. Luckily, there are kilts for any taste: bright and colorful or sophisticated.

Punk vibes

The idea of punk femininity brings together all the Le Kilt designs. It is no coincidence that the name of the brand comes from the popular grunge nightclub – Le Kilt. McCoach admits that apart from British heritage, she has always been interested in the country`s subculture. Therefore, she puts her passion into the designs. This can be clearly seen in the latest Le Kilt – spring 2017 photoshoot. Berets with pom-poms, checkered fabric, kilts, flounced skirts, cardigans, chokers and ribbed tights – all these turns out to be the British classic in modern punk sounding. On one of the shots a model with messy punk makeup poses with Robert Burns`s book in both feminine and bold outfit. Well, even punks don`t mind to leave their heart “in the Highlands”.

Samantha likes to visualize her inspiration: she’s even created a punk mood board in her studio. “A lot of people say I’m really influenced by punk, and I am, but in a much more subtle way,” Samantha told in her interview to Dazed Digital. “My mum was really glamorous growing up; she worked on make-up counters. I wore patent shoes up until I was 15 because she wouldn’t let me wear trainers. So for me, punk was the tiniest hole in a pair of tights. I’m quite a contradiction”.

Shirley Manson and London Fashion Week

Apart from fashion, music is another Samantha`s obsession. Samatha Presented her Shirley Manson inspired collection “Stupid Girl” on London Fashion Week SS16.

She has always been keen on bright hair and punk outfits of singers. And Shirley Manson, Garbage’s frontwoman, was one of the style icons, that influenced Sam. In her collection the designer combined grunge and femininity, comparing girly clothes with chunky boots and “heavy” accessories.  So, we could see models with intense makeup  wearing clothes with leopard prints and scotch fabrics. Stylish wearable looks spiced up with punk vibes: this is how Samantha sees that “true” femininity.

The kilts by Samantha McCoach perfectly fitted in the main concepts of modern fashion. On the one hand – they are the pieces of the national heritage. Those, who love their motherland, can easily add a piece of their favorite country in daily outfit. On the other hand, wearing national Scottish clothes is some kind of a statement. Nowadays fashion is all about statements. Clothes serve as a peaceful way to express one`s individuality, stand up for beliefs, and deliver messages to the society. Fashion gives an opportunity to be different:  wild punk today and sweet marshmallow girl tomorrow. So, every woman may wear kilt just to become the part ot the country`s national country, even if she`s never been to Scotland. And of course, to look stylish. Moreover, Le Kilt is an amazing example of how to transform family business into sustainable brand. The brand, which produces stylish clothes every girl wants to have in her wardrobe.



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