This fragile in appearance Australian women with unpretentious Instagram made her remarkable journalistic carrier by herself.  Starting from going through internships at magazines when she was a student, now she is editor-in-chief at “InStyle”.


Australian Childhood

Laura Brown was born on a dairy farm two hours outside of Sydney, Australia. Her parents split up when she was five, and the girl moved to Sydney with her mother and received decent upbringing. Though, she was never limited in her ambitious. «I had delusions of grandeur from a young age», – she says.

The most unforgettable moment, which made Brown understand that fashion was something she really loved, dates back to the broadcast of the International Woolmark Awards in 1988.  She confesses: «It was a big hullabaloo. Australia, especially then, was deeply invested in having international validation, having people from Paris come to Sydney…I was 14. I loved fashion before that, but I remember it crystallizing then».


The Start Of Carrier

Her obsession to fashion world lead her to Sydney’s Charles Sturt University, there she studied Arts and Communications. She remembers that everyone spent money on pot, but she preferred buying American Vogue and Bazaar instead. At college she managed to go through internships at magazines and then in her last year she was hired full-time at Australian Family.


Work Experience In London

When Australian Family shut down, Brown was employed as a production editor at fashion magazine Mode and worked there for two years. During this period of time she was able to save some cash and moved to London, where she shared a flat with five roommates. Her two-year visa allowed her to freelance as much as possible at the BBC, Australian Consolidated Press and an advertising agency. Such an experience helped her to prepare a relevant international portfolio.

When Brown was in London, Mode had become the Australian edition of Harper’s Bazaar. And after her British stint, she came back home to work as features editor. But working in Sydney was not to be in her cards. She was dreaming to work in epicenter of world’s creativity. In other words, New York City. She happened to visit NYC while working in London and since then she understood that she would find a way to come back and stay for longer. «I thought New York was this kind of amazing superhighway where everybody was more brilliant and more creative and more clever and more stylish than me…New York was my Oz, and that’s totally a pun…!», – Brown recollects.


Following The American Dream

It happened in September, 2001, when Brown finally moved to NYC, having a foreign journalist visa. After some experience at Talk, W and Details, she finally joined Harper’s Bazaar, that made her famous. That place was the longest working shelter for Brown:  «I went straight into the loving arms of [Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief] Glenda Bailey and I stayed there for 11 years».


At Harper’s Bazaar Brown climbed career ladder from articles editor to executive director. She did big interviews with Janet Jackson and Hillary Clinton, worked at producing visuals with Cindy Sherman and Pedro Almodóvar.

Surely it is Brown’s representation in social media which helped spread her recognition. If we look at her Instagram we will see a woman, who eats pasta, pulls goofy faces, takes selfies with her comedian boyfriend and very often looks not like a model from fashion shows. Also she tries to make fashion closer to everyone who follows her there, as it looks so natural of her being at a world-fashion show 1st row guest or drinking cocktails with Dita Von Teese.

After 11-year long stay at Harper’s Bazaar Brown moved onto bigger things: in August, 2016 she was announced new editor-in-chief at InStyle. On August, 22 InStyle made an Instagram publication congratulating Brown on her new appointment.

Well, it is fair to notice that Brown is a lucky example of a woman, who worked really hard to beat a path to the world she wants to be in, and used not only her editorial skills, but her social media representation as well.

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