The stronger rage engulfed the younger generation is, the more insistent and sophisticated methods of their struggle are. The continuing anti-government street protests in Venezuela remind war battlefield. Several months later the Chamos de la Resistencia or, roughly, the Youth Resistance does not give up.


Hunger for fight

Thousands were injured or arrested during Venezuela’s four months of mass protests. Many Venezuelans in their 20s have made up its frontline within the youth movement La Resistencia (or Resistance). While state forces use tear gas and aggressively attack the crowd, young opponents repel the blow with self-made, life-threatening weapons like Molotov cocktails and mortars.

For the opposition movement, this hunger-stricken youth has literally become the face of this spontaneous revolution. At the same time, for their brutal and ruthless actions on the streets the government equates them to uncontrollable terrorists. From this point of view, these young people are tempted by drugs dolls in the hands of forces that are hungry for a coup d’état.

The people of Venezuela, faithful to their republican tradition, to their struggle for independence, peace and freedom, will disregard any regime, legislation or authority that does not value democratic principles or which undermines human rights. – Constitution.

Ready, steady…resist!

This Latin American country has not been stable for many years. It seems like dissatisfied with the regime lived in ambush, waiting for the reasons for a mass uprising. The current protests began in April 2017 and became more chaotic than the unrest in the winter of 2014.

Most of the population demands the resignation of the current president, Nicholas Maduro. Protesters in the streets are trying to resist human rights violations and are fighting for fair elections. Also, one of the requirements concerns the allocation of humanitarian assistance to the poor population of the country.


In addition, those who go to the streets ask for the release of political prisoners. The position of the current administration in this matter is ambiguous. On the one hand, they made a compromise, changing the measure of restraint to the detained oppositionist Leopoldo Lopez. Meanwhile, Maduro does not hide his controversial intention to amend the constitution by implementing a Constituent Assembly. Moreover, the president insists that he will fulfill his duties until 2019, the end of the term.

Meanwhile, prolonged street turmoil is hampering the state of the political crisis, which has been heated for a long time. In such warrior conditions every Venezuelan should make the choice. To join the fight or not to fall in the way of opposing forces. Many have family members who have joined a massive exodus as Venezuelans flee to other countries to escape unrest, uncertainty and the threat of possible violence. The hostility of the opponents’ moods is only increasing. Nobody is going to slow down in this fight.

Deadly battle for a bright future

For several months the youth movement has confronted to the National police and the Bolivarian National Guard head-on. According to media reports, these young citizens aggressively face professional military forces, which has already resulted in dozens of deaths and at least a thousand wounded among protesters in various parts of the country.

We’re the resistance, but we’re a poor resistance. We don’t come from the Country Club-set and nobody pays us…. And we don’t need any drugs to go on the streets. The only drug that we have is hunger. – 22-year-old protester in Caracas.

Opposition forces see a two-facedity in this kind of support from youth. On the one hand, a fervor, motivation and creativity of “La Resistencia” retain their fighting spirit among the protesters, spray dissatisfaction and anger. However, at the same time, their uncontrollability and excessive aggressiveness leading to bloodshed goes against the opposition’s pathos about the non-violence of their activities. The military opposition seems to be sitting in ambush, waiting for the final explosion of the crisis, when they finally take the leadership of unrest for themselves. And before that they need a force that will maintain pressure on the government.

This attempt by the leading opposition to sit on two chairs is rather risky. Their attempts to influence the degree of participation of young protesters in some activities are futile, since La Resistencia claims that it operates independently of the state opposition.

How La Resistencia works

It is not surprising that many young people who are seen at the forefront of this war come from poor, disadvantaged areas that were once under state guardianship and gave support to the socialist government in return. However, after the death of Chavez, when Maduro came to power, the national economy moved swiftly downhill. 4 years of strong setbacks and austerity undermined the strong foundation of the government’s folk support.

It should be borne in mind that the proportion of young people among the Venezuelan population is astonishingly high – at least half. What dreams can a future generation build in a country where citizens can not satisfy their basic life needs, find work or pay bills because due to catastrophic inflation?

Under the influence of this desperation the ranks of La Resistencia grow daily. Here you can meet completely ragged children who do not have a roof over their heads or parents. They are here, because now these kids literally have nothing to lose. They have nothing but this war.

Nobody knows how this is going to end. The only one who knows is God, and whatever he throws at us, we’ll keep fighting — for better or for worse.”

The behavior of this youth movement during the protests is thoroughly planned like a real battle of the army on the battlefield. Every “soldier” performs his role. The first line of protesters acts as shields. Following carry out gas attacks on the approaching police, while others complete the blow with Molotov cocktails and other explosive inventions.

Voices of the young resistance

According to CNN reports, most of the “La Resistencia” consists of students, teachers and so on.

For example, Victor Ortega is a freshman studying social work. He did not intend to become a protester regarded as a terrorist. He has seen himself as a security officer like his father. “I wasn’t in agreement with what was happening in the country,” he said. “I said to myself, ‘No. This is where my war begins.’ .

Meanwhile, 25-year-old Nancy Colmenares   is angry at the attitude towards the protesters. “Where is the freedom of speech and democracy they claim to have here if I can’t consider attending a protest?”

We’re sick of this but we don’t want to leave the streets. We’re not going anywhere”.

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