Kamie Crawford and Nicholas Ferroni are passionate activists who collaborated to remind us all about how sexist and misogynistic old advertisements are. Well, the pictures speak for themselves, all Crawford and Ferroni did is that they changed the places of women and men in these ads. This change showed how ridiculous and at the same time terrible the views on the gender roles were.

Unfortunately, some people still think stereotypes and seeing women in such positions is completely fine for them. This campaign, however, reveals how awful and humiliating these ad posters might be and maybe will be eye-opening for some conservative and narrow-minded people. “As much as we like to think we’re living in a society where equality is valued, the sad truth is that misogyny is currently governing our country,” Crawford tells Bustle via email.

Ferroni considers this problem from his professional perspective – he is a high school teacher and activist. Bringing up this problem, he meant not only the society, but also the government and a current political course. “As a history teacher, I can honestly say that history continues to repeat itself. With the current political climate, it seemed very relevant that sexism is very alive and even proudly accepted,” he explains.  

Crawford is a TV personality, who is also really concerned about the current situations when some people think that we already live in a gender equally society and there is no work to be done. She also shared her thoughts on the purpose of their campaign, “I think that reversing the roles and really empathizing with how it feels to walk in another person’s shoes is the best way to have a true understanding of one another as people.”

Both of them highlight that they didn’t intend to switch the gender roles or to impose some model of behavior. The situations that these old ads present are humiliating for both gender and should not be representative. “The purpose of this campaign was to make people really think, ‘Wow. These old ads are ridiculous — and the reimagined ads are funny, but still ridiculous!'”, says Crawford. “Inequality isn’t cool no matter what gender, race, age, etc. you are,” she goes on.

To deliver their message Crawford and Ferroni used the best tactic. They just took real advertisements from 50s magazines and switched the genders. Ferroni took a woman’s «traditional» place and Crawford represented a husband. Such a change just strikes an eye and shows all the absurdity of represented situations. “We may know that something exists or a system is unfair, but it doesn’t truly hit us until we actually see it in practice or are put in the position of the group that is being oppressed or discriminated against,” explains Ferroni.

It is also interesting how the society got used to the women objectification in advertisement and lots of people don’t really see a problem here. But when a man was put in woman’s shoes, the absurdity became evident. And it didn’t only reveal the sexism, but also the real humiliation of women.

The goal of this campaign was to catch people’s attention once again and to deliver the message that it’s awful and disrespectful to see sexism against women as it is to see it against men.  “We must be active to be activists, and campaigns like this will open some people’s eyes and probably offend others because the truth always hurts,” says Ferroni.

Crawford and Ferroni both show a great example of dedication to the ideas of equality and respecting one another in a diverse society – exactly what we need right now. It also reminds us of how easy it is to make a change and attract someone’s attention to the problem. Crawford and Ferroni only used old ad pictures and photoshop and look how successfully they delivered their message.

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