Music industry is not the one to enter easily, and it seems that succeeding there is even harder: challenges and obstacles are waiting around, competition is so tight that sometimes only true talent is the thing that brings you forward.

There is one 15-year old kid from Brooklyn, NY, whose music is gradually gaining momentum on American r&b stage. His name is Jovanie, and his sweet but at times deeply raucous vocals together with some punchy beats remind those of young Chris Brown. The young singer has recently joined the ranks of Atlantic Records artists and has earned kudos from Wale, a highly popular American rapper, who featured Jovanie in his “The White Shoes” video with more than 2 million views.

Jovanie grew up in a big family, with 10 brothers and sisters, including himself. In his childhood, they would all sit in circle and sing different songs – mostly just for pleasure, but also to figure out who is the best singer. Jovanie would always be the weakest one at singing, however over time, he started to get better and better, constantly reminding himself: “Practice makes perfect”.

One day, Jovanie was in the car with his father driving somewhere. Justin Bieber was playing on the radio, and Jovanie could not help but sing along. The radio turned off for some reason, but Jovanie kept singing until his father asked: “Is it what you want to do in your life?” The answer was crystal clear, and together with his father and all his family’s support, Jovanie started making his very first steps in the music industry.

His voice and manner remind of a mixture between Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, and these two were and still are Jovanie’s inspiration. They and Michael Jackson, another person whose music helped Jovanie on his singing journey, started young, and later grown tremendously. This fact made the young r&b star ask himself: If they did it, why can’t I do the same? “You’ve got to learn from those before you and all the artists I love came from a small town, came from not much, but they did it and they loved it. Being a part of the music, the art of music, performing and entertaining, it kept me going. I love the passion they put into I,” – explains Jovanie.

Starting this young in a music industry is something full of obstacles and roadblocks, says Jovanie; however, he had much luck with being always supported by his manager and his team, and with the course of time and practice, Jovanie found ways to stop losing his nerves when performing. Gym is a good way for the singer to escape, literally, and break free from negativity and anxiety. “The gym and music are connected. You can disconnect from the world and work on yourself and that’s what music is. If I’m mad, I vent my frustration,” – says Jovanie.

Fans have not heard from Jovanie for about a year, during which the young singer was working on his solo project – a 4-part video story of him pursuing a girl he loves – and his album, What’s The Move Pt. II. He has recently dropped “Two Seater”, a collaborative single with Lil Yachty, with a music video following. Although the rising r&b star does not fancy making any plans for the future or where he might find himself years later, there is one thing he will surely keep doing – music.

“I’m working because I love music and there’s many ways I can express myself. I can show the world that I’m just like you, I go through things just like you. Music is my getaway.”

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