What are the most significant and discussed issues in the world today?  Probably, your answer will be about  Brexit vote or 2016 U.S. election.That is why Josie Long`s transatlantic show is more than ever topical.

Josie Long`s Political Comedy Show:

Josie has been working as a writer, standup, and burgeoning filmmaker and now she is one of the most respected British comedians. Despite the turbulent political climate she turns it into semothing optimistic and consoling. It seems that comdedy is her way of interpreting and understanding the world around her. “If my stand-up can help people keep going to do better things… that’s the best thing in the world,” she says.


When politics cut across the sky

Today Josie is radiating her optimism by setting off on a 2-month tour with her new show, Something Better.Initially it was a show about activist and their experiences, presented in a hilarious and inspiring way. But then political issues overshadowed her life. “I found myself completely mired in trying to get to grips with the new political reality around me,” says Josie, “and it felt impossible to focus my writing on the positive.”

Right the day after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union  she had to perform at the Glastonbury Music Festival of all places. But it was almost impossible to stay calm and keep joking. Instead, Josie gave an impassionate and intimate speech about privilege. “It took a while to feel like I could be a proper comedian again,” she says. “But people need you to be funny too!”

Josie Long`s Political Comedy Show:

The show became muchmore pesonal. “It’s now become about how I feel like I’m not in the majority, and how I’m getting my head around how so much has changed politically, so quickly,” she continues, “I want to show the audience that we need to remain hopeful, kind, and humane, and that it is possible for us to stay that way.” As a result, Josie turned her perfomace in a new way. She now learns people to deal with inevitable political news by making a show about grief. “I wanted to be like a reassuring voice from the future saying ‘It gets better, it gets easier,’” Josie says. “Although I’m not entirely sure that’s true, I think at the worst the only thing I’m sure of is ‘It is possible and necessary to keep going.’”

Across the Atlantic Ocean

And she became this voice not only for British people, but also for herself and US citizens too.  Something Better, a show about grief, has become more than ever necessary after Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States. Though, it was an absolute surprise for Josie that it would be of current interest. “I had thought I would be able to bring my quaint British show about quaint British bro fascism as a kind of cautionary tale,” she says. “I didn’t dream it would have the parallels it has had.”

Josie Long`s Political Comedy Show:

That is why the show underwent some adjustments to suit American audiences and their issues. “My main thing was making sure the crowds knew I didn’t expect them to give a damn about British politics,” Josie says. “The show is political but it’s about a personal response to losing and powerlessness, not the ins and outs of the house or lords and Brexit. I also had to address the elephant in the room early on—that the crowd was in a very raw state of grief and disbelief and that I was so sorry that it had happened.”

Josie Long`s Political Comedy Show:

In any case, no matter how complex or grieving political events may be, Josie shows how to feel  better and deal with it as we are definitely going to see something better.

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