Ready for Jingle bells? Christmas is coming so companies are catching us with heart breaking stories reminding us of eternal things. Holiday ads already got their own art form. It seems like every year the big retail stores are in a race to outdo each other, not with slick advertising exactly, but with ads designed to pull on the heartstrings. Also, there is a reflection of the things happening in the world. Intrigued? Let’s look through best of them.

Christmas Commercials

Buster The Boxer

John Lewis is famous for his touching stories. This year’s ad covers the pet story. #BusterTheBoxer video already got more then 20 mln views. This is a story about the girl who loves bounce. Her parents decided to gift her a trampoline of her dream. On Christmas morning, Bridget wakes up and sees the thing she’s always longed for. She races downstairs. She has a clear shot at the trampoline. But then, at the last moment, Buster barges in ahead of her and grabs the trampoline for himself – surprise for everyone. Meanwhile, Buster is just enjoining himself jumping on a trampoline messing up everyone’s plans.

But let’s go deeper. Buster the dog is Donald Trump. Buster the dog is Donald Trump, Bridget is Hillary Clinton and the trampoline is America. Oh well, that is just a theory, but who knows? Just watch this one and don’t get things serious.


“Open your heart to everyone”

The other story that is also has a implication is an Apple Christmas Ad. The ad, called “Frankie’s Holiday,” starts off with Frankenstein sitting alone (also living in seclusion) while listening and recording a Christmas song in his home. With a Christmas tree behind him, he walks down to the local community, where people are aghast at his sight. However, he just pulls out Christmas lights, plugs them into his neck, and starts singing “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays.” When he runs into a potentially embarrassing mishap, a little girl comes to his rescue. And then all the people join in the singing, making him feel like part of the group – touching moment.

This ad is intended to deliver a message of unity at a time when the U.S. and the world are experiencing disunity. And its apparent aim is to repair some of those broken bonds.


Feel the Christmas miracle 

Not all the companies tried to implement a contest within the ads. So here are other Christmas stories, making us all emotional and thoughtful… and thankful.
Christmas CommercialsChristmas CommercialsChristmas CommercialsChristmas CommercialsHeathrow airport tells us a story of two teddy bears coming back home. But it’s not that easy – this is a metaphor for connecting people, especially elderly loved ones, in these modern times. Lidl decided to remember loved ones who aren’t with us this Christmas and remind us all to be grateful for what we have. The 2016 M&S offering has a modern feminist twist, with Mrs Claus coming to the rescue for little Jake, who has annoyed his sister to no end but still wants her to be happy. It features helicopters, power suits and snow speeders. Christmas with love from Mrs Claus. This Aldi Christmas ad tells the story of Kevin the Carrot, who ends up hitching a ride on Santa’s sleigh.Be ready, this one is going to make you feel hungry.

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