A common worldwide belief between people is to think that they are one and the same in their wishes, abilities and life goals. However, there is a need for every human being to comprehend the world’s diversity. We are not identical, we are all unique and inimitable. That concerns people’s sexual orientation too.

Some of us don’t fit society rules and have to fight for an opportunity to live a normal life. This is a common problem for representative’s of the LGBT community who are generally even more misunderstood than usual. Especially those considered to be Transgender.

The hardest thing in the life of a transgender person is to understand and accept that you are not like other people. The next stage, that often causes huge problems, is telling your family and close friends that you are unique. Although modern society is becoming more tolerant than it used to be a few years ago, people still judge everything and everyone that is considered different. Obviously transgenders face lots of difficulties and incomprehension in their lives dealing not only with strangers but also with members of their families. It’s a very hard thing to imagine unless you take a walk in their shoes.

Famous Chinese dancer and now TV star Jin Xing gives us such an opportunity and tells the thrilling story of her live.


Born in communist China in 1967 into a military family of ethnic Korean parents a four-year-old boy understood that he is not like other boys: he enjoyed dancing and wearing beautiful clothes. Back then, this was seen as more suitable behaviour from a girl. As he grew up, he became even more like a girl and accepted that in his inner world. By the age of 9, his talent in dancing was indisputable and that is why he was invited to join the troupe within the People’s Army. That was the beginning of a lifelong story of Jin Xing who became a professional dancer but still chose to serve in the army and succeeded in both areas.

Jin Xing during dance classesFrom thought to action

At the age of 19 Jin Xing went to conquer America and surprisingly realized that here, in such an enormous country, he was unknown and infamous. He had to start from the very beginning in order to build his career. And he did. And did it brilliantly. Although that was a hard period in his life in terms of money, he worked at night and then went to dance classes. His efforts did not go unrewarded and he soon won an Award at America’s dance festival.

It was also America that inspired Jin Xing to become herself: for the first time in her life Jin Xing felt the freedom to choose gender in the country where all dreams come true. She tried to visit gay bars but eventually came to the conclusion that she is not gay. She just felt as if she was a woman. And when she found out about transgenders, she finally understood: that is exactly who she is. Since this discovery Jin Xing set herself a life goal to one day become a woman.But strange as it may seem Jin Xing had been waiting for gender reassignment surgery for almost 10 years until at the age of 28 she finally decided to undergo a sex change. She didn’t want to undergo a surgery abroad in America or Europe, where she also worked for several years, and decided to come back to China because she wanted to be close to her family and to the country where she was born. It was symbolic to her, to be born again into a new person in her motherland.

You might think that Jin Xing should have felt happy and satisfied after the surgery but there was one huge problem: doctors said that there was a strong chance she might not be able to walk again for her leg was out of oxygen during a 16-hour operation. But it would be not Jin Xing if she had accepted that fate. After a few months she started a grueling training program and was slowly able to walk and dance again. She returned to the stage now being a woman not only mentally but also physically.

Jin prefers not to talk about circumstances under which she was allowed to undergo a sex change in traditional and conservative China. It was a rare operation and although Jin Xing was not the first transgender in China, her experience is still quite uncommon there.
Comparing China to the freedom-loving country America, people there are more likely to show intolerance to this situation. This fact and reality, however, did not confuse Jin Xing.

It is her family mainly who supported Jin after her decision to change gender and become a female. It was probably not a shocking piece of news for her parents while they suspected that Jin is not like everybody else. If it was not for her kind and loving parents, Jin Xing would not have become herself.


New life

After a gender reassignment surgery and the subsequent long recovery Jin Xing adopted three children whom she was raising on her own until in 2005 she became married. Her husband, German businessman Heinz-Gerd Oidtmann, met Jin Xing on the plane during their flight to Shanghai and almost immediately fell in love. Although Jin rejected his attempts at first they appeared to have strong feelings later. Jin told everything about her previous life to Heinz-Gerd and he gently accepted that.

Today Jin Xing is a famous TV hostess and a celebrity both in America and in China. She has her own TV talk show (The Jin Xing Show) which is very popular in China. Jin also works as a choreographer and partly as an actress. She usually takes part in dancing TV shows as a judge and helps young and talented people to find their own dancing style. In other words, she succeeded and now lives a pretty happy life with a loving family and exciting and pleasant job.

Why is it important?

What does her story generally mean to China and Chinese society? For sure, it is a prime example of a unique, maybe even strange, but still valuable life. Everybody has their right to be happy and Jin Xing, being an unbelievably strong person, made it her duty to prove that. The main lesson that everybody can absorb from Jin Xing’s life story is that having a strong personality and the desire to achieve a goal, one can do everything that he or she wants. The key to success is also a loving and supportive family who will always be there for you.

The example of Jin Xing teaches people not only in China but worldwide to be tolerant and sympathetic to every human being. Everybody has a right to live their life as they want. There are no rules or patterns of a “right” behavior in society so we should be guided only by our own feelings and beliefs. And no matter how hard your life might seem at times, just keep the image of an amazing and incredibly strong woman Jin Xing and chase your dream!

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