Fortunately, there are people who are always willing to do something new and important. Obviously, if you have any dreams, why not make them all come true? American musician and designer Jennifer Herrema is a perfect example of such a person. So what kindles the fire and passion, that lead her through life?


Jennifer Herrema: Free Soul

Jennifer Herrema

As a matter of fact, Jennifer Herrema definitely has myriad things to do. Amongst her projects, there’s music, designing clothes, jewelry, hosting radio shows and creating visual art. Yes, she is kind of person who likes to do whatever she wants. A lot of spheres, in which she is involved, were absolutely new and unknown for her. Firstly, her main passion was music.

Jennifer Herrema

Most importantly, she is a member of band called Royal Trux, which appears to be the pinnacle of her life. It started in 1988, when she and her then-boyfriend Neil Hagerty decided to join forces and create the band. Since then, the whole idea of her creative career was centered around not giving a damn. After having quit the band in 2001, Jennifer went on to pursue a career in every sphere possible from creating artwork to making videos and shooting films. However, now has come the time for Royal Trux to come back again. After finally bearing the hatchet, they are going to release a brand new live album in the nearest future. By the way, guess who is responsible for the album’s artwork?


The Band Of Her Life

Royal Trux

Through time, she and Neil Hagerty went through a lot of struggles, including personal ones. Before forming their own band, they played with Pussy Galore and already there, they started to learn something about the constraints of this career ladder. The tension between two creative minds might shake roofs. Nevertheless, their experience in always hanging out, touring and making music together created unbreakable bonds between them two. Therefore, it allowed them to stay as close as ever now, when they are in the midst of the Royal Trux reunion. Obviously, going from the bottom to the top with someone by your side teaches you something important about relationships. With that experience behind them, Royal Trux are back again.

According to Herrema, she doesn’t perceive herself as a musician. She is an artist, and that implies a lot of different things. Nevertheless, regardless of all the ventures she participated in, she still keeps the same old approach to things.


The Art And The Inspiration

Many Shades Of Jennifer Herrema: How To Do Whatever You Want?

In fact, Jennifer Herrema became who she is now due to all the events that took place in her life since her childhood days. She always had a knack for experimentation and when she tried to define her own vision of life, she understood that she never really wanted to be an ordinary child. On the contrary, she included towards wearing adult clothes. Consequently, when she grew up, she did’t expect people from Vogue to come and ask her about her unique fashion touch. But they did! So now, she is also a clothes designer (among other endeavors). Life moves in mysterious ways.

Many Shades Of Jennifer Herrema: How To Do Whatever You Want?

Jennifer went through a lot of typical “rock’n’roll” things like drugs, rambling down the streets and singing songs of love and hate. But she never really cared for money that much. That’s the focal point for any artist – you create art to embellish the world and not to gain money from it.  There are things that are much more important, like health and love. Nowadays, Jennifer Herrema has achieved family happiness and personal creative freedom. What else does a true artist need?

One should always seek for something new without thinking about what others think. If you want to do something – just do it. This appears to be Jennifer Herrema’s motto for life and it’s quite good, isn’t it?

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