Digital trends significantly impacted adult industry that offers dozens of options for monetization and making money on content.  One of the successful examples is Jelena Jensen. A former porn star, Jensen made a solid digital presence.


Today internet offers incredible opportunities to earn money online. However, it is hard to stay solvent when anyone can download free content, pirates spread across the net. Site owners have to supervise their content and put it down from  torrents and unlicenced sites. One of the successful people in this area is Jelena Jensen. A former porn star, Jensen made her digital presence a profession. This woman never stops to surprise. Though a pornstar she runs a prosperous website, manages other performers’ sites, shoots videos, and conducts The J Spot radio show on Vivid Radio.


From A`s to softcore

Graduate from school with honors she attended college at Chapman University in Orange County and received Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production.During her studies, Jensen had to give up job in a marketing company to work part-time. She went online and found a vacacy that only said ‘internet fulfillment’. During the interview it turned out that the company sells DVDs online.  “I didn’t want to ask what that was because I didn’t want them to think I wasn’t smart enough to work there. At the very end of the interview, they said, “Oh, by the way, it’s adult, so if you have any problems with that, let us know,” and I was like, “No.” So I ended up working with them,”- Jensen says. “ I had never even watched porn before I started working there. So we went to the back of the warehouse and I saw all the porn and that’s how I started working in the business.”

Jelena Jensen's Entrepreneurial Success

Jelena Jensen's Entrepreneurial Success

Thus she became a product manager in inputting all the new releases, and then a marketing manager. Because the work was related to participation in shows and events, Jensen attended the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in January of 2003. Beautiful girl with rounded shapes at the booth could not help but draw attention to her. Directs attending the expo suggested her to shoot. She said:” ‘No no no, I’m going to college. I’m not going to shoot porn!’ It wasn’t until my second AVN that Vince Vouyer, who I had become friends with, said, ‘Why don’t you do glamour modeling? You don’t have to have sex with anyone, just nude!’ I didn’t even know that there was this whole softcore side of the business.”


From porn to entrepreneurship

Jelena Jensen's Entrepreneurial Success Jelena Jensen's Entrepreneurial Success

As a result, Jensen made some test photos and within a month she became a softcore star.  Since then, she has appeared in Playboy, Hustler, and Penthouse, and has earned herself an AVN Award, an XBIZ Award, and a huge fan base. In 2009 she began doing hardcore boy/girl scenes but only on her website and exclusively with her husband Matt Erickson. Working at home in front of a computer, she is a web entrepreneur, though not a usual one. She 100 percent runs her own website and also Maggie Green’s website and Aria Giovanni’s website, which is Recently she also entered prosperous today camming industry: “Camming and also custom videos—that’s where everything in the business is leaning towards. I come and go with camming. I don’t do it all the time, but there will be times—like for instance I am saving for a house—so if I want to save up for a down payment, I have to work more, which means more camming because obviously my site’s not going to bring in that money like it used to.”

Whatever Jensen undertook, it turns out successfully. “As much as adult is more widely accepted now than it used to be, it still follows you everywhere you go, so if I was going to have this as a mark on my record, then I was going to make a career and I was going to make it worth it.” And she does.  Photographing, video shooting, performing through camming and webmastering, she seems to be a real Webmistress, as her Twitter profile says. I wonder what is the next thing that will entice Jensen.

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