Until recently, the lion’s share of the content-marketing market accounted for the USA. However, the situation is changing. Today, content marketing is becoming the trend in such eastern countries like Japan.

Content marketing market accounts for 145 billion dollars, but until recently the lion’s share of this large digital-pie fell to the United States that housed most of the agencies, platforms, services and tools. However, the situation is changing. Today, content marketing is becoming №1 theme not only in Europe, but also in eastern countries such as Japan.


Some statistics

American Marketing entry into Japan was not easy. The language barrier, the relative closeness of the market led to the fact that the first content marketing conferences came here with a delay for almost 5 years in relation to the market of North America. However, the Japanese know how to speed up the process, not only in the automotive industry, but also in the Digital. 


Thus, according to a Grooover study, already 83% digital professionals in Japan used some forms of content marketing as part of their marketing strategy. Meanwhile the number of results for “content marketing” in Japanese only has increased several times only for a year and continues to grow.


There are other interesting indicators of market development:

  • For example, the media-edition Digiday, which publishes studies and materials from the world of digital marketing launched digiday.jp – fully localized version for the Japanese market. By the way, neither for China nor for the European markets Digiday did not open separate editors;
  • A well-known marketer and author David  Mirman Scott in collaboration with Hubspot CEO Brian Haliganom published a whole book on the Japanese language, which demonstrates the lessons of content marketing on the example of the group Grateful Dead (!). By the way, the book, in spite of the obviously Americanized examples and case studies, was quite popular on the Japanese Amazon;
  • Japanese content agencies are actively growing and gaining strength. Thus, Innova in 2014 raised $ 2.1 million from SalesForce, Draper Nexus and Japanese venture capital fund Nippon Venture Capital;
  • Needless to say that our colleagues from North America, Content Marketing Institute, were extremely active in Asia during the last 2 years, holding a number of seminars in Singapore and Japan? We won’t be surprised if in the near future they will launch Content Marketing World in Asia.

Why Japan – it’s the next big thing in the content marketing


We have identified 7 main reasons why Japan may soon become the next significant driver in the industry of content marketing, digital media and related companies and platforms.


Large Asian trend

Asia today is one of the centers of attraction of capital, not only in manufacturing, but also in the Digital. The reason is simple. When you produce something, you need to promote and sell it. On the other hand, digital-tools now play a key role.

Hence, a significant increase in spending on digital advertising, content and other modern tools. Thus, according to Go Globe, China’s digital market only during the last 2 years has grown 2 times, and by 2018 will increase by almost one and half, amounting to 57 billion dollars. Do not lag behind other markets. Especially worth to be highlight is Indonesia. Here, according to analysts, digital from 2014 to 2018 will increase by 8 times!


Mature digital market

Japan in this sense stands apart. The market here is growing more slowly and now stands for just over $ 10 billion dollars. At the same time, in contrast to the nearby markets it has a high degree of maturity and readiness to introduce new methods. It plays an important role since statistically content marketing is actively developing where other methods have been already adapted and extended – display advertising, contextual advertising, SMM, SEO and many others.


Extensive B2B-sector

The size of GDP Japan is ranked as third in the world. At the same time a significant role in the economy plays an innovative and technological sector. It is also not a secret that the greatest value of content marketing is playing in the B2B segment, where intellectual leadership comes to the fore. From this point of view content marketing is the best to build into a digital-strategy of industrial and technological companies in Japan.


Focus on economic impact

According to the latest research of Hubspot, content marketing demonstrates 61% lower lead acquisition cost and higher LTV for the cycle life of the client. For the Japanese, who are extremely zealous relate to efficiency, the ability to implement a marketing tool existing products and services, to beat the advertising – it is a very important step.


Lack of technical barriers to entry

Of course, the Japanese language itself is a barrier. And the deployment of any digital-campaign on the Japanese market implies a fairly deep localization process, the cornerstone of which is the formation of the local team.

However, in Japan, there is one big advantage compared to, for example, China –  a high degree of penetration of the global digital-infrastructure. So, e.g., Google’s share on the Japanese search engine market is 57%, and Yahoo Japan – 40%. Thus, more than 90% of market share accounts for global companies.


Widespread Japanese language on the Web

Practice shows that content marketing shows its effectiveness only if it is based on a specific infrastructure. For example, it is extremely difficult to implement strategies of guest posting, if the country lacks developed media space, blogs, news sites, etc. In Japan, there is no such problem. Japanese takes 4th place on the Web by the number of content created on it, slightly behind Russian and German. At the same time during the last few years it shows a stable upward trend.


Correlation with the local mentality

In our material on the content marketing industry in China, we have identified an important feature of this state – the role of the community and associations. It is not a secret that one of the most important parameters of the effectiveness of content marketing is relying on the community, the use of user-generated content and active spread among them.

In this sense, organic marketing methods very accurately correlate with the local mental features that can determine a high degree of efficiency of these methods here.

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